April fools pranks can be cruel, funny and damn right evil at times, but for it to work you need a ready primed victim/victims to spring it upon. Now who comes to mind!? Could it be a community that obsession kicks in all too easily, that searches the web for every hint/clue/leak of what and when the next set is coming, that takes out a second mortgage to fund the next hit or spends hours without complaint interacting with kids as long as the beloved brick is involved (but runs at the mention of homework). Yep that’s right us the AFOL community sitting there like lamb for slaughter ready and vulnerable for a wicked April Fools prank.

Image compliments of LEGO.com

Each year seems to get bigger and bigger and 2017 had some classics. Because I know how rough some of these pranks can be I have refrained from joining in the fun and decided to do a roundup the day after (allows all the pranksters to have their fun first).

  1. Jay’s Brick Blog – “The LEGO Group today announced the completion of its $1.4 billion acquisition of China-based clone brand manufacturer LEPIN.

Image compliments of Jay’s Brick Blog

2. Brick Nerd – The LEGO Group has found itself is a bit of trouble after unveiling a new set. The outcry has been severe with the announcement of LEGO 040117 The Destruction Of Jedha as an upcoming May 4th special purchase. The set depicts the aftermath of the destruction of the ancient Jedi city of Jedha.”

Image compliments of Brick Nerd

3. Brickset – “BILLUND, DENMARK, April 1st, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LEGO Systems Inc. is set to release Game of Thrones construction sets to coincide with airing of season 7 of the popular HBO television series in July, plus a range of sets depicting classic scenes from the first six seasons.

Image compliments of LEGO Genre

4. Brothers Brick – “LEGO is a worse investment than gold. Contrary to popular belief, LEGO bricks are not a better investment than gold, based on findings from a new study we’ve conducted. The study analyzed each substance without bias to test the popular notion that the world’s best-selling toy is a better investment plan than stocks, bonds or precious metals.

Image compliments of Brothers Brick

5. Bricks FansGoogle & LEGO join forces for Google build assistant. Tired of turning pages, constantly in fear of paper cuts or maybe you just don’t have room for a smallish booklet of paper when building your latest LEGO® set? Then The LEGO Groups latest venture with Alphabet, is just what you need. LEGO and Google have worked together to create Google Build Assistant – a smart, voice activated instructional tool which is built around the Google Assistant API. Simply activate Google Build Assistant by saying ‘OK Google Let’s Build LEGO’ you will then be asked to state which set you want to build and the Google Build Assistant will tell you which elements you need and where they need to be placed in the build.

Image compliments of Bricks Fans

6. Brickfinder – “First Lepin Certified Store to open in Beijing, China. With Lepin gaining a huge market share of the bricks toy industry, it was only a matter of time before they made they solidify their presence with the world’s first Lepin Certified Store. Work on the store is already in full swing which is located right next to the Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing, China.

Image compliments of Brickfinder

7. Reddit (Brickstah) – Posted a almost genuine looking wholesale announcement for a new LEGO Batman Movie Wayne Manor set to be released.

Image compliments of Reddit (Brickstah)

8. The Brick Fan – “The Brick Fan expanding to LEPIN set reviews. There’s a point in time where you have to take a step back and see where you are in life and at this point, I’ve decided to expand The Brick Fan. A few people have asked me whether I would do this or not but I think it’s about time that I do so. I’ve decided to go ahead and also review LEPIN sets.” 

9. AFOLs of Facebook (Adeel Zubair) – “71062 The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. Visit The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop – Springfield’s favourite comic book store! This highly detailed and iconic model of The Simpsons store is packed with rich, colourful details! Walk under the huge Android’s Dungeon sign and join Bart, Millhouse and Martin as they browse the shelves filled with comics, collectibles, toys and more – including: Radioactive Man #1, 10182 – Café Corner, Itchy, Scratchy, Poochie figurines, Perky Patty’s Princess Shop, Grand Theft Scratchy – Video Game, Malibu Stacy Doll, Star Wars (1977) – VHS, C-3PO Bust and many more!

Image compliments of AFOLs of Facebook (Adeel Zubair)

10. OZLUG, Australian Lego User Group (Handoko Setyawan) – What was maybe the cruelest post. Doctored picture appearing to suggest a new modernised UCS Millennium Falcon was coming soon. Potentially believable with the rumors swirling around we will get one for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

Image compliments of OZLUG, Australian Lego User Group (Handoko Setyawan)

Well that’s another year’s April Fools under our belts and sorry if I’ve destroyed anyone’s hopes that any of the above was true!

If I’ve missed any feel free to post a comment on here or on the Facebook Page. Also love to hear any funny stories around April Fools.

Happy Building!



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