It’s been a few weeks since my last Bricktober-Perth exhibitor post update – Thanks to LEGO deciding November was a great month to hit us with all the January new set news! This time round it’s Lee Battersby’s turn, otherwise known to me as the Micropolis champion at Bricktober-Perth. However, in this instance it is also worth noting that Lee displayed a comical and fun display of space ships racing across a landscape.


With all the displays on offer at Bricktober-Perth this was the one that captured my young son’s imagination the most and resulted in me leaping across to him to avoid a “we look with our eyes not our hands” incident! Imagine a race of crazy spaceships and Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy comes to mind.

Now time for Lee’s thoughts:

1. How long have you been a fan/user of LEGO?

I came back to Lego about 6 years ago, when my kid became old enough to graduate from Duplo. My interest has lasted a lot longer than theirs.

2. What is your most memorable LEGO set and why?

Probably the old LL918 Classic Space ship. It was the kingpin of my collection when I was a kid, and when I came back to Lego it was the one I wanted to get back again. Picked it up for my 11th set at a ludicrous price, but was ridiculously happy to do so. Generally, though, I build a set once and then break it down to use the part for MOCs, so I don’t really have any fond memories of the stuff I’m buying as an AFOL.

3. What inspired you to build and display your MOC’s at Bricktober?

I’ve always been into the hobby for building MOCs. Sharing them, and displaying them, always seemed like the natural extension of that. 

4. How long did it take to plan and build your MOC display?

Planning is pretty basic on my part– this year’s planning was about as complex as “I know! I’ll do a space race!” After that, it all tends to happen organically: one idea happens on top of the previous idea, until an overall shape takes place, then I build to enhance that shape until it’s finished. Or I run out of time. Or both 🙂

5. How many pieces did it take to build?

I don’t really count pieces, because of the way I make things up as I go along. But 9 two-seater ships, 6 48×48 baseplates, a bunch of rocks and plateaus…. probably upwards of 15-20,000 pieces, at a guess?

6. Is there anything you would have done differently if you could start over or parts you loved?

No, I enjoy the way I build, and I love the spaceship field, so this was a really enjoyable build for me. There are a few parts that I love, and use regularly: I have a big tub of ‘odd’ pieces, that I like to try to base certain builds around to give them a distinctive shape. There’s a part that looks like two 2×6 plates with a slope in between that makes for a great spaceship wing. I’ve used that in every display so far.

7. What happens to the MOC/MOCs after Bricktober?

I don’t have any display space at home, so they all get smashed up and the pieces re-used for next year’s display.

8. Any Tips or advice for new comers or returnees to LEGO?

Just enjoy it. There are so many ways to build, so many themes, so many ways to measure your involvement in the hobby. You can really do whatever you want. That’s what I love about it. 

9. What would you love to see LEGO do in the future (sets/new themes/improvements etc…)?

I’m a lover of the Space theme. I’d love to see a theme that goes back to space in an innocent way: exploration and science, rather than conflict and crime. Not everything has to be about Us vs Them. 

Thanks again to another exhibitor putting pen to paper.
Happy Building!

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