I decided to do a review on the very last BrickPak mystery box (May 2016). This marks the end of a journey for the team over at BrickPak and a transition into a new monthly Lego offering (more later). BrickPak were the first and I think only company to offer a monthly mystery box associated with Lego in Australia back in March 2015.

For those subscribed and awaiting your final box – Spoiler alert you may wish to park this review for a later date.


Firstly I have to say the packaging is spot on and looks very professional. Luckily my wife tucked this away before the kids grabbed it, as they can recognize a Lego brick image, stylized or not, from a mile away (don’t worry I’m not that mean, the kids are now playing with it as I type).

Upon opening the box I was presented with a bright red T-Shirt.

The T-Shirt shows a Lego Football/Soccer (depending on your nationality) minifigure, kicking a ball within a Brick City F.C. badge stating champions. If your a Fremantle Dockers (Australian Football League) or Aston Villa (English Premiership) fan this will be the closest thing you get to being a champion at the moment! Before ordering the box I was given options to select the T-Shirt size. Clearly the T-Shirt pays homage to the theme of the mystery box – PLAY.

The real goodies were revealed once the T-Shirt was removed. An assortment of Lego or custom items related to Lego, building up on the play theme of the box. Goodies included:

  1. Custom Lego dice
  2. Custom Lego playing cards
  3. Wait for it a massive 4 x assorted Lego minifigures
  4. Lego Ninjago Polybag (30085)
  5. Some cool stickers to stick on Lego and set up a Minifigure’s dream gaming and media center room
  6. Last but not least the good old BrickPak Bugle. Last edition cue the sad face!

The custom Lego dice, playing cards and 4 x assorted minifigures are all part of a game detailed in the BrickPak Bugle. Aptly called “The Build A Fig Game” the players roll the dice and select and trade the cards. The cards offer different options like steal a head piece from a player or grab legs from a central bowl (deconstructed minifigures). The end goal being to build the supplied minifigures. Of course this can be scaled up with your own minifigures and the dice has the cool ability to change the Lego face plates, so you can invent your own rules and game. It’s a great idea and really pushes the play theme and adds a new dimension to kids interacting/playing with Lego.


For us polybag starved Australians having a polybag thrown in is always a treat and the Ninjago polybag doesn’t disappoint. The Ninjago polybag was released in 2012 as part of various promotions depending on the country it was offered in. The polybag features a Jay ZX Ninja minifigure (oddly missing shoulder pads) and a special shrine containing a gold sword and a concealed catapult that shoots two green snakes at unexpected minifigures. The catapult is basic but for a polybag a cool little play feature, which will keep young Lego fans occupied. Never fear for those not interested in the Ninjago Lego theme the polybag still contains some unusual pieces worth having in the arsenal.


Lastly as mentioned before this is the very last BrickPak mystery box. For those who missed out you can still head over to the website and buy past boxes while they have them in stock. They are also offering a monthly subscription to a mystery MiniFigPak of 3 x Lego minifigures for $17.95/per month. I’ve been subscribed for several months and been very happy and surprised at the selection sent. I’ll write up a review and post on All About The Brick when my June pack arrives.

To end – BrickPak thank you for just over a year of surprises/delight and wish you all the success with MiniFigPak service.


Happy Building!



  1. So sad, my grandchildren were so excited to get their box every month and it was a good reason for them to come visit too.

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