As a Lego and NASA enthusiast, this 1.2 meter Space Launch System Rocket set proposal has honestly blown me away. Each and every human from the dawn of time has looked toward the final frontier and has dreamed of visiting the stars. Only until about fifty years ago has this become possible with the many outer-space missions and most recently the Space Launch System program. LEGO and Outer-space traveling go together extremely well because both involve creativity and design and are always moving forward in innovation. That is why I was absolutely amazed with this LEGO model of the SLS program and later in this blog post, you will know why and hopefully support the model to make it a real set (I’ll explain how to later). This rocket is a 1/110 scale model of one of the most advanced space traveling vehicles of all time and it has a lot of pretty amazing facts which is cool. When you look at the overall picture, the design/colors are amazing. The picture is of the rocket traveling past mars as it will do in the not so far away future. The colors are exactly as the real rocket, an orange core stage and white boosters and capsule (besides an occasional gray streak).

The hole rocket is made with LEGO and that is what impresses me most (note some colors have not been produced. The builder smileyguy is working on buying the rocket in real bricks which will be all real colors). There is not a single piece made by any other brick manufacturer or seller.  The model has about six hundred bricks and the boosters can detach from the core stage just like the real rocket. I also want to point out to you the lower booster color design. Each brick is a 1×1 round so the middle of the boosters are highly detailed so that also adds up to a pretty impressive model.

The Minifigs of the set includes: operation specialist Paul, mechanic Carl, and engineer Mary. One fun fact Smileyguy pointed out is that Paul and Carl are real workers on the NASA SLS program! That’s pretty cool!

Many of you will one day recognize this LEGO behemoth because it could with your help become a real set! Here is how you can help:                                                                                                               

  1. Go to the set proposal site here :
  2. Click the Blue support button located on the right side of the screen for desktop users or under the photo at the bottom of the screen for mobile users. You will then be prompted to login to vote. (You will need a LEGO ID and a LEGO Ideas ID to support. Its completely free and easy to do.) If after to login and are directed to another screen, simply click the link provided above to return to the Lego SLS page an then click the support button again.
  3. Once you click the support button you will have to answer a brief questionnaire about the set and then click confirm support. Make sure to share on social media to tell your friends about the set and leave a comment saying how you like the rocket.
  4. You’re done! Good Job!

Thank you for voting and reading my guest blog post.

I have one more thing to say…

SHOUT OUT TO RUSTY AND AATB! Thanks for having me on the guest blog!”

Author bio:

Jonathan is a Lego/NASA fan and he loves spending time outside looking at space. His other passions include fishing and building with LEGO’s with his nephews. His favorite quote that he tries to live by is by Forest E. Witcraft and goes as follows, “100 years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, or the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I made a difference in the life of a child”, And believes that this can be accomplished by spending time with children and involving them when you are building with LEGO bricks.

That’s a wrap and another guest blog to adorn AATB website – Thanks to Jonathan for his interesting subject/write up on a budding LEGO Idea hoping to hit 10,000 supporters. With all the hype around NASA and LEGO lately, maybe there is appetite to make this Idea a reality too and join the massively successful LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket! I wish the Idea and Jonathan all the best.

Remember if you’re interested in becoming a Guest Blogger just shout out.

Happy Building!


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