As a Star Wars/foosball/Lego fan, I must say this little Lego Star Wars foosball table project has swept me off my feet. There is no mystery that every Lego lover wants to make a pocket version of their favorite thing, from cars to houses and the perfect thing is that Lego allows us that. That is why I was absolutely impressed with this foosball table and later in the article, you will see why.

This foosball table is a pocket version of one of the most popular game tables in the world and it has some pretty impressive features which are great. When you look at the overall picture, the table design is amazing. The colors are black and white (mostly) and if the table is in standard size, it would fit in any room.

The entire table is made by Lego and that is what impresses me most. There is not a single brick made by some other manufacturer. Even the players are made by Lego and they are actually Star Wars characters. Players are distributed in the 1-man goalie configuration, which is a layout where there is only one player on the last rod. The other layout has 3 players on the last rod.

Many of you would recognize the players because they are characters from the older movies. One team are the Stormtroopers and the other team are Rebels. Stormtroopers don’t need introductions, but rebels are another story. You may not know them all (if you aren’t a Star Wars fan) but I am sure you would know their goalie – a golden droid C3PO and attack line which consists of Luke, Leia and Han Solo. Now, enough with the characters, let’s focus on the table.

As you can see, the cabinet has 4 sturdy Lego legs which are awesome, because if you want to raise or drop the table all you need to do is remove or add Legos. The walls are made of one row of Legos and I am thinking whether would be better to have two rows, but that is just my thought. Most real foosball tables have goals inside the cabinet and you can’t actually see them, but this table has them on the open right behind the table. I must say I love that design because the goals make the table look more interesting. Both goals are also Lego product which made me think that this is actually much easier solution than to build the goal from Lego.

The playing surface is smooth and that means you can play foosball on it, which really made my day. The players are controlled by the rods and handle also made from Lego and they can turn which is great.

This great table was actually made for Moc Athalon and the maker of the table says it is fully playable. If you are looking for another Lego project I would definitely recommend this one. I know I will make one in the future definitely!

Author bio:

Mark is a Lego/foosball fan and he loves to spend time with his son making Lego projects. His other passion is foosball and he started a blog about foosball called the Foosball Zone. If you are a foosball enthusiast who would love to learn more about this highly addictive sport visit his blog on this link


That’s a wrap for the first ever guest blog on AATB – Thanks to Mark for his interesting subject/write up and to the creator 2×4 – for the awesome LEGO Star Wars Foosball MOC.

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