Everyone loves a success story especially when it means we have another way to get our hands on some cool LEGO. Well this story is home grown in Australia and started back in October this year when Lara Hart (PressStuds Facebook Group) decided, after trying in vain to find a genuine LEGO parts mystery box, to test the water and create her own LEGO mystery bulk box. The premise being no cheap printed t-shirts, random stickers or other potential “white noise” box fillers – just a genuine box filled with nothing but LEGO pure and simple!

After Lara had finalised the contents of the bulk box she posted a small shout out on her LEGO selling page PressStuds stating that she was looking to start the new PressStuds Bulk Box. Que myself and 49 others who all jumped onboard to help this bulk box become a reality. In less than 10 days (50 and more signed up) wave one was born and Lara set to work pulling the boxes together for postage.

The monthly bulk box, now building up to wave 2, retails at $20 (standard postage) or $25 (express postage) for Australian customers and due to high demand has been expanded to New Zealand retailing at $23 (standard postage) or $30 (express postage).

After all that what does the box contain I hear you say? Remember it’s random but the format follows the below standard grouping:

  • LEGO bricks and plates
  • Wheels, axels etc…
  • Modified bricks and plates etc…
  • 3 x minifigures
  • Minifigure hats, hair etc…
  • Minifigure accessories, tools, weapons etc…

Anyway now to the nitty gritty and I finally have my wave one box in hand! It took a couple of weeks to arrive after some mix up with Officeworks delivery service (Lara is moving to Australian post for wave 2 onwards due to reliability). Outside of the box sports the PressStuds graphic work with the words “IT’S HERE” haha quite funny considering I’ve been eagerly awaiting the box in WA or Wait Away as we say in Western Australia – not your fault Lara 🙂

The contents are wrapped in black tissue paper and each grouping of LEGO is bagged in zip lock plastic bags.

As previously highlighted the box contents are arranged into 6 main groupings.

First up and of course I’ve gravitated to the largest bag of LEGO bricks and plates (103 elements). For me it looks like I’ve hit the yellow and black jackpot (any Richmond fans out there?!).

Bag 2 and it’s time to get some wheels. This bag has the remnants of a red vehicle and of course 2 x trustee wheel axles and wheels. To round up I have a couple of old faithful seats for my minifigures.

Bag 3 and out come the modified plates, snots and other interesting items.

Now for some fun and my random 3 x minifigures and I really have got an eclectic mix. To the left is a Star Wars super battle droid, middle is a Hypnobrai snake tribe solder and finally to the right is a Space Police 3 minifigure. I have to admit I had to do a bit of google searching on the Space Police 3 minifigure (was a mystery to me).

The last couple of bags have an assortment of minifigure accessories from helmets, hats, dynamite, handcuffs, spades etc…

With all this LEGO loot lying around it didn’t take long for my 4 year old son to get stuck in! I thought what the heck and gave him free rein – The Mad Max esque scene below is his creation!

In closing PressStuds Bulk Box hits all the right notes – Random=excitement / 100% LEGO / Fair price point / Great shared community via the Facebook page. In the last week Lara’s service has gone viral, so much so that her dedicated PressStuds Bulk Box facebook page now has twice as many members as her original PressStuds facebook page and has only been running for 4 weeks.

While the service is only open to Australia and New Zealand at the moment, it is still worth joining her Facebook page and let her know that you’re interested and country of origin. I believe depending on numbers she may be expanding postage to other countries in the near future.

There is still time to get involved with wave 2 and 1 lucky subscriber will get some surprise Gremlin action in their box – head over to the PressStuds Bulk Box Facebook page for more details.

Note – First and last image is courtesy of PressStuds.

Bring on the second wave!

Happy Building!





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