So LEGO have been teasing many on its Facebook page over the last few weeks of a big announcement today. The teaser shots suggested maybe we were going to get a new Mindstorm revamp, but that was blown out of the water when they announced LEGO Boost. LEGO Boost is aimed at 7-12 year olds promoting early programming skills before moving on to Mindstorm.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

LEGO Boost (17101) will be launched later this year and will be available as a base starter set priced at $159.99 (USD). The heart of the system is called the Move Hub, which has 2 input/output ports, power button, a colour changing light and six-axis tilt sensor. In conjunction with the Move Hub the starter set will also have 3 Boost bricks that have various other sensors built into them such as colour/distance sensors and various motors (I’m sure over time the functions will grow). The total set consists of 843 pieces and is powered by 6 AAA batteries.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi – Simon Kent Brains behind LEGO Boost and Vernie the Robot

The set instructions cover 5 variant constructs:

  • Vernie the Robot
  • Frankie the Cat
  • The Guitar 4000
  • The Multi-Tool Rover 4 (M.T.R.4)
  • Autobuilder

All construction, programming and general fun is coordinated by a free companion LEGO Boost app.

Video Credit: Promobricks

What gives LEGO Boost the final seal of approval is the fact that it can be incorporated with other LEGO bricks and sets to create whatever your child’s imagination dreams up!

Though I’m marginally disappointed we didn’t get a Mindstorm revamp, I think LEGO boost is a great idea and smart move by LEGO to get younger children into programming and robotics within the LEGO environment before moving up into Mindstorm.

Looks like we may be seeing Christmas 2017 no.1 toy watch this space.

Happy Building!

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