During San Diego Comic Con 2016 LEGO surprised the community with its own special take on the popular Urban Vinyl Designer Toys featuring blocky oversized heads (currently dominated by giants like Funko’s Pop! Vinyl). Of course I do need to state the obvious, LEGO BRICKHEADZ are designed and built out of our beloved plastic brick instead of vinyl. The opening salvo from LEGO will be taking on some of the greats from Marvel and DC Comics and is set to launch from the 15th February 2017 for VIP members via the LEGO online store, followed by general release 1st March 2017.

The first wave will cover the following superheros/villians:

Marvel Lineup

  • The Hulk 41592 (93 pieces)
  • Captain America 41589 (79 pieces)
  • Iron Man 41590 (96 pieces)
  • Black Widow 41591 (143 pieces)

DC Comics Lineup

  • Batman 41585 (91 pieces)
  • Robin 41587 (101 pieces)
  • Joker 41588 (151 pieces)
  • Batgirl 41586 (99 pieces)

For those few lucky enough to grab the San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusives – You’ll be pleased to know that the Batman, Joker, Captain America and Iron man from this initial launch are different in colour and design. It’s also worth noting that there will be a further 4 Brickheadz confirmed for launch. Beauty and the Beast will make up the first pair (no official images) and a yet to be named secret 2 remain – I’ll keep posted when the news breaks.

You’ll have to forgive me on the order, I spent a good 15 minutes putting together the grouped picture when I realized there was an order to the wave – I like my order better anyway!

Pricing wise there is no official news, but with a budget and marketing department like LEGO I would expect them to have done their homework and pitch at around other competitors Vinyl figure’s price point – circa $15-20 (AUD) / $8-14 (USD).

Lastly with this being a brand new theme/range launch I’ll be interested in hearing peeps thoughts on BRICKHEADZ is it a hit or miss? will they grace your home? As always feel free to drop on commit on here or via the facebook page and let’s get the conversation going!

Happy Building!

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