In keeping with my LEGO Christmas news in July, I thought I would knock up a quick post on the 2016 LEGO advent calendars. LEGO has been releasing advent calendars on/off since 1998 and have been based on various LEGO themes (Basic, Belville, Castle, City, Clikits,Creator, Friends, Kingdoms, Pirates, Star Wars). The current themes are City, Star Wars and Friends and in keeping with the advent tradition are arranged into 24 models or minifigures for each day until Christmas Eve.

Luckily we got the first images of these sets back in February at the 2016 New York Toy Fair compliments of Brick Toy News – Thanks.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2016

First of the rank we have the City theme and finally no cops and robbers! This year we have 7 minifigures to tickle our fancy – Santa Claus (of course he is a must), 2 firefighters, 1 hazmat firefighter, 2 children and a hobby pilot minifigure. In-conjunction with the minifigures we also have a variety of “setting the scene” mini builds and props. For avid Christmas collectors some of the props will add interest and build ideas as we approach LEGO Christmas village season (finally starting the tradition in our household this year any ideas?).

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016

Moving on we have the Star Wars theme again this year, which has been making a yearly appearance since 2011. Now let’s cut to the chase forgetting everything else this is going to fly off the shelves for one reason and one reason only and that is the very first, awesome and exclusive white wookie with a cool Christmas colour themed bandolier to round up.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2016

Lastly we have the Friends theme closing off the holy trinity. This set only has two doll minifigures and are a bit disappointing to be trueful. However, one thing you can guarantee with the Friends theme is literally hundreds of tiny little accessories to populate any budding builder’s town. Also don’t forget a dose of the lovely pastel coloured LEGO bricks we’ve come to love (or hate) with the Friends theme.

If you want to avoid the generic chocolate advent calendars (we have a separate religious one) and don’t mind the price point (AUD $49.95 Star Wars and $39.95 City/Friends), then the LEGO advent calendar could be an interesting alternative for yourself or kids (who you kidding – yourself really!).

The advent calendar series usually hits the stores around september time. Keep an eye out as the Star Wars theme is usually sold out by October, so don’t leave it too late to pick one up.

Happy Building!


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