New York Toy Fair has dumped so much news that it’s hard to keep up. However, for those that are struggling to deal with christmas being over (or celebrating) there was some good news with early images of 2017’s Christmas Advent Calendar line up. There was no new themes and LEGO has adopted the tried and tested trio again for 2017 (City/Star Wars/Friends). A bit of history – LEGO has been releasing advent calendars on/off since 1998 (recent years annually) and have been based on various LEGO themes (Basic, Belville, Castle, City, Clikits,Creator, Friends, Kingdoms, Pirates, Star Wars). Images are courtesy of The Brick Show.

First of the rank we have the City theme and this year’s offering has adopted a more standard  affair – No hazmat, firefighters or cops and robbers. Looks like we can finally settle into a calm relaxing Christmas in LEGO City!  There is also some cool little interesting builds in the lineup and I especially like the look of the Ice Sculpture and would love to have grandma (not literally) and one of her festive cookies.

Moving on we have the Star Wars theme again this year, which has been making a yearly appearance since 2011. Last year’s offering had the exclusive white wookie that got everyone excited and helped this set fly off the shelves (see review). Sadly this year’s Advent Calendar seems to lack that killer minifigure, BB8 tries to be that figure but at the end of the day it just has a christmas hat on. It is also worth noting there seems to be a lack of micro landscape builds for 2017 with weapons, vehicles and spaceships taking up the slack. One last point the total minifigure count is down sitting at 8 for 2017 (9 minus snowman last year). Sorry to be negative (unusual for me) but this year’s Calendar won’t be making the wish list for me – anyone else a bit meh?

Lastly we have the Friends theme closing off the holy trinity. This year’s calendar has gone for the cute factor by throwing in a variety of little pets and of course literally hundreds of tiny little accessories to populate any budding builder’s town. Not a personal favorite of mine, but I can guarantee my daughter will want this set and maybe Dad will tag along for the ride!

Based on early images I think this year will be a LEGO City Advent Calendar for me and I’ll skip a year for Star Wars. Once better images and further details are released I’ll post and of course keep an eye out early December when I do my daily Advent Calendar review (City this year).

The advent calendar series usually hits the stores around september time.

Happy Building!


  1. I just hope this year they manufacture enough Lego City Advent Calendars – As I went to order one in mid/late October last year they were already sold out – they still had plenty of the Friends and Star Wars, but not Lego City which is the one that I was trying to order.

    1. Hi Julia, fingers crossed I had the same issue with Star Wars Calendar the year before. Year just gone I ordered at my local toy store.

  2. Totally agree. I’ve bought every Star Wars calendar but won’t this year. Rubbish generic minifigures and that’s just lazy with BB-8. He could have had a plumber pudding body or something! Might go for City or just not bother.

  3. I mark this in my calendar to buy at the end of September each year, so I can be sure to get the one we want.

  4. Hi. I’ve never bought a lego advent calendar before but was thinking of getting one this year. I’ve fount the City one on Amazon for $29.99. Is ghat the typical price or is it higher/lower as the holidays approach?

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