I mentioned a few days back that BrickGeekz had managed to grab a screenshot of the LEGO Creator Expert Carousel (10257) from the upcoming LEGO shop June calendar. Well LEGO has finally officially launched the new Carousel 10257 and oh boy is it gorgeous and puts that previous screen grab to shame! Not only is this new Carousel absolutely stunning and full of colourful detail, but she is surprisingly large and not far off from the piece count of the original Grand Carousel 10196 – just shy by 568 pieces!

The new Carousel is packaged as a Expert Creator set (16+) and sits at 2670 pieces. Along with the main Carousel the set comes with a small little ticket booth and 7 x minifgures. The Carousel will retail at USD $199.99 / GBP £159.99. No news on Australian price yet, but I would hazard a guess at $269.99. The set measures over 12” (32cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 13” (35cm) deep – scheduled for 1st June release.

Straight off the bat the Carousel sits on a new modified 40×40 baseplate with the corners trimmed off. This little modification is very effective and helps showcase the Carousel. This is also a great move for those who want to build and display the Carousel as a standalone set.

As with every great Carousel the star of the show is normally the floats (animals) that excitable kids sit and ride on. One thing I think the new Carousel has massively improved on is the quality and design of the new floats. This time round we have 5 colourful animals – Frog, Flamingo, Elephant, Tiger and Swan. First off the rank is really cleverly designed green Frog standing up on his hind legs.

Next up is a playful looking pink Flamingo simple yet elegant and perfectly capturing the silhouette of the famous bird.

After the slim and delicate Flamingo we head to the opposite end of the spectrum with a solid looking Elephant. I have to admit this is one of my favorite brick built animals I’ve seen from LEGO in a while. The expression on his face and great use of bricks for his feet just sets this model off perfectly.

After all my drooling on the Elephant, the Tiger follows the lead by capturing the colour and pattern of the Tiger to the point where he is instantly recognisable.

The Carousel then finishes the pack with a majestic Swan incorporated into car float. Living in Perth, Western Australia I would love to change this to our iconic animal the black Swan – I think I see a new project forming in my head!

Other than the Swan each animal has movement that allows them to move up and down like a traditional Horse/Pony float on most traditional Carousels. As with the Grand Carousel LEGO has designed the new Carousel to allow for the incorporation of Power Functions. But never fear if buying this bad boy kills the bank you can always make do with the manual movement until you bank account recovers sufficiently to buy the applicable Power Functions.

Just an escaping thought I wonder if the faded backdrop on the box depicting a Rollercoaster and Flying Swings is a hidden clue to future sets? Likely thinking too much – who knows?!

Well I can safely say this will definitely be a purchase of mine when it’s released, especially considering I missed out on the Grand Carousel. However, just based on the official images I reckon this will be a popular set with Carousel virgins and well seasoned owners.

Would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on this one? As always feel free to post a comment on my blog or via the Facebook page – PLEASE HURRY UP JUNE!

Happy Building!

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