We’ve known for a while what was coming next in LEGO Dimensions year 2 wave 9, but today Warner Bros has finally released official images of Wave 9 and it’s an eclectic mix! Beetlejuice, Teen Titans Go! and Powerpuff Girls will be gracing our Dimensions Portal pads from the 12th September 2017 and if the rumours are believed could this be the final curtain call for LEGO Dimensions?

First up is a favorite of mine and that’s Beetlejuice based on Tim Burton’s 1988 classic comedy horror movie of the same name.  The pack comes with an awesome Beetlejuice minifigure, Saturn’s Sandwort (3 in 1 Haunted Vacuum and Spooky Spider) and finally access to the exclusive Beetlejuice Adventure World.

Next up is the double pack release covering the Powerpuff Girls. Premiering in 1998 I have vague memories of my younger sister being a big fan. Of course being a LEGO building tennager I had no interest in them other than being relieved it was on distracting my sister instead of annoying me and my LEGO! The first Team Pack includes Blossom and Bubbles minifigures, Octi (3 in 1 Super Skunk and Sonic Squid) and PPG Smartphone (3 in 1 PPG Hotline and Powerpuff Mag-Net).

The Fun Pack rounds up the Powerpuff offering and includes Buttercup minifigure and Mega Blast Bot (3 in 1 Ka-Pow Cannon and Slammin’ Guitar). Both packs grant access to the exclusive Powerpuff Girls Adventure World.

The final theme covered in wave 9 is the Teen Titans Go! double pack. Teen Titans Go! is a modern animated cartoon based on DC Comics fictional superhero team. The first Team Pack includes Raven and Beast Boy minifigures, T-Car (3 in 1 Forklift and T-Plane) and Raven’s Spell Book (3 in 1 Raven’s Wings and Giant Hand).

The Fun Pack rounds up the Teen Titans Go! offering and includes Starfire minifigure and Titan Robot (3 in 1 T-Rocket and Robot Retriever). Both packs grant access to the exclusive Teen Titans Go! Adventure World.

That’s a wrap any must buys in wave 9? and could this be the end of LEGO Dimensions? Feel free to drop a comment or two here or on the facebook page.

Happy Building!

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