Thanks to Energy Voice and a work colleague I came across a cool little story in the Industry I work in – oil and gas (renewables as well don’t judge me!). This story all started with a dedicated father (MacNeill Ferguson) and his two young lads (Ollie and Harry) who pulled together a cool 500 adventure wish list called The Days Are Just Packed. Over time their list has grown and the adventures have come in all shapes and sizes. Their latest escapades have seen two of the boys much loved LEGO minifigures (Rebel X Wing Pilots) kitted out in dive equipment ready to head down to the deepest depths of the chilly North Sea!

Through their fathers links to oil and gas technology company OPEX, Subsea 7 and Premier Oil agreed to take the boys and the minifgures on an adventure aboard the Seven Falcon to the Catcher Field in the North Sea.

The lucky lads were treated to a special welcome aboard the Seven Falcon and shown some of the impressive toys Subsea 7 has to offer, such as the heavy duty work class ROV Herc 31 (ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicles), ROV and Dive Control Vans, Saturation Dive System/Chambers and the Kirby Morgan Diving helmets.

After all the fun topside the LEGO minifgures finally took the plunge with the Saturation divers and the ROV to the delight of the lads. Hitting a dark and cold depth of 88m / 288ft the minifigures then posed for the ROV camera with live feeds running up the umbilical to the eagerly awaiting crew in the Control Van.

Quote from Energy Voice article:

Father, MacNeill Ferguson, who provides outdoor team building to the oil and gas sector, said: “We put the list together three years ago but as the boys get older the adventures get bigger and grander. This one didn’t require that much planning really – other people did the hard work.

“We’re trying to tick off places around the world and are making plans for [the Lego men to visit] the Falkland Islands, Australia and Antarctica.”

As part of yet another adventure, Ollie and Harry hit the newspapers in September for having launched a Playmobil Ship from Peterhead which sailed to Denmark and is due to hit Africa in the near future.

Asked why he and his boys drew up the list of 500 adventures, Mr Ferguson said: “Adventures are a way for us to spend more time as a family. We figured this was a good way to go out and explore.”

William Geddes, Subsea 7 project manager, said: “The crew of Subsea 7’s Seven Falcon diving support vessel, and Premier Oil, were delighted to help Ollie and Harry with their latest ‘500 adventure’, to take Lego men deep-sea.

“We wish them good luck with all the fun adventures still to happen.”

Thanks again to Energy Voice and The Days Are Just Packed for the images used in this blog. Great Story and I’ll be following your LEGO minifigures future travels!

Happy Building!

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