Back in July the team behind Panama STEM announced that the highly sort after limited edition LEGO Educational set Panama Canal 2000451 would be available for purchase globally. This was great news and generated a lot of traffic and comments on the blog and facebook page. However, though cheaper than the eBay resellers, the confusing Panama STEM website and cost of shipping was high and this put a lot of people off jumping in and buying the set.

Well it doesn’t happen often, but Panama STEM was listening and took onboard the comments on the website and the high shipping costs (upto $100 postage!). Firstly they set out and negotiated a better shipping deal with trusted DHL and looked at the price point of the set. In short it now means that you can purchase the set from Panama STEM and they are currently offering free shipping to just over 100 countries!

Secondly Panama STEM set about completely redesigning the website and improving the user experience and offering both English and Spanish language versions (with more languages to come – German, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese). It now means that rather than be daunted by confusing translations and website navigation you can find you way to the purchase page seamlessly.

In case you’re not aware Panama STEM worked in collaboration with LEGO to create a special release LEGO Education set to commemorate the reopening of the expanded Panama Canal.  The set has been designed around the new Neopanamax locks and actually shows how the lock mechanism works lowering and raising the water levels assisting vessels transiting through the canal between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The set consists of 1,184 pieces and is limited to 40,000. As with all LEGO Education sets the price attracts a premium at $250 (USD), but it is worth noting the technical effort that LEGO design team plow into these sets to warrant the Education set badge and the limited run.

I have to say I’ve wanted this set for a while, but until now has been out of my price range. With the recent changes by Panama STEM it now brings the set into the reach of more fans. Keep an eye out my order is on its way and I will be posting a review once I’ve got my hands on this little beauty!

I’ve hyperlinked throughout, but for those interested in grabbing this set head over to the Panama STEM website and checked out the changes and grab yourself a set!

Happy Building!



    1. Hi Charlie – This particular set is an exclusive collaboration between Panama STEM and LEGO. Therefore will only be available through Panama STEM while they have them available. That’s why Panama STEM updated the website and offered free postage, as they saw that the set had global appeal and not just locally in Panama. Hope that helps?
      Cheers Russ

  1. I think it’s really amazing that you can finally buy out of Panama
    Anyone know the process to buy this? And how was shipping? Your set opinions? I want to have mine as soon as possible!

    1. Hi Jose – it’s a pretty simple process with the new website and shipping is free via DHL Express, so pretty quick! Keep an eye out hopefully I’ll be doing a review shortly and will be able to comment further 🙂

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