If you’re a parent like me it will be hard for you not to notice this Fidget Spinner craze sweeping the globe at the moment. Over the last few weeks various blogs and websites have posted videos showing how to utilise LEGO at home to create your own Fidget Spinner. Some even insulting LEGO followers stating how to make a LEGO Fidget spinner to only then use clone bricks in their video – Shame on you! Anyway thanks to Legoth on REDDIT we have our first official LEGO instructions on how to make them.

It appears that LEGO have produced two sets of instructions based on standard parts that most homes should have in their collections. I’ve tried both builds and my son and I prefer the technic pin version.

Of course with the joys of LEGO means you can customise to your heart’s content using the instructions as a base. Hopefully this blog helps reduce the financial burden of buying Fidget Spinners by using LEGO around the home while this fad still has legs!

Happy Building!


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