Another day another LEGO Idea hits 10,000 supporters. This time round it’s time to travel back to 1950’s America and boy this idea does just that! “1950’s Diner” is the ninth project to hit the magical 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas and make it through to the 1st 2017 review panel. For those who don’t know what or how this works refer to my previous blog on LEGO Ideas.

The ideas creator pix027 has cleverly designed a classy retro 1950’s diner that is both playable or could easily be displayed as a awesome talking point! Further the designer has tried to keep the set small ~800 pieces, so that it is also affordable to the masses (while keeping the detail and class of a larger modular set).

The main build has a removable roof and open back to promote play and creativity with youngsters. The colour scheme is vibrant and works nicely with the overall appearance of the decade. I do wonder if the female minifigure is designed on Sarah Palin?

The pink cadillac (sorry I’m not American if I’ve named the car incorrectly!) is a real little gem and gives a great base for more adventurous AFOL for MOC’ing the design in the future.

So many good ideas are now ramming into the first 2017 review panel. I can see quite a lot of disappointed fans when we finally get to know who made it through – good luck!

Remember to support all those aspiring LEGO builders out there on LEGO Ideas.

Happy Building!

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