With the first 2017 review group locked away and a distant memory now we move into the second review of 2017 and our first entrant to hit 10,000 supporters – “Gilmore Girls

I’m sorry I have to admit I haven’t got a foggiest who and what the heck Gilmore Girls is. Initially I thought it was that show that my mum inflicted on my as a kid “Golden Girls”, but when I started digging was wrong thankfully (sorry for Golden Girl fans)! Anyway clearly I’m not going to be a personal fan, but being a LEGO blog I still have to review it on its design merit and alert followers who is in the mix.

The creator Rainer Zufall has based his design around Luke’s Diner (supposedly key to the series) and is along the same style employed for the Big Bang Theory. Having a quick glance on Doctor Google the setting is a good representation of the real thing and will no doubt please fans. Along with the diner scene we also get some key characters in the form of 6 x minifigures.

Even though I know no one who has or watches Gilmore Girls (maybe geographic thing or age?!) It must be popular as this LEGO Idea appeared out of nowhere to hit 10,000 Supporters in just over a month.

All I can say as this is the first and only Idea so far to hit the second review group It has my vote. No doubt as more ideas hit 10,000 supporters my personal support will shift pretty quickly.

Any fans out there feel free to enlighten me as a heeven not appreciating your show!

Gilmore Girls” is the first LEGO Idea to make the second 2017 review panel. If you want to know what Ideas made the first review panel refer to my last LEGO Ideas blog (last paragraph) for the list.

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Happy Building!


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