Finally something to get me a little bit excited about this bunch of LEGO Ideas, though still not quite in the magical imaginative and unique category yet. The 5th LEGO Idea to make the second 2017 review panel launches off the back of the recent massive success of LEGO Ideas Saturn V Rocket (21309). This Idea takes the same scale (approx. 1:111) and applies it to a modernised LEGO Nasa Space Shuttle configured in its vertical takeoff configuration with Separating Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) and Separating External Tank (ET).

The creator KingsKnight has designed a gorgeous set that would look perfect alongside the LEGO Ideas Saturn V rocket. Creator highlighlighted features include:

  • Large cargo bay with functional bay doors, featuring an Orbital Docking System, Canadarm, and satellite.
  • Separating Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs)
  • Separating External Tank (ET)
  • Canadarm robotic arm (SRMS -Shuttle Remote Manipulator System) which was responsible for cargo, astronauts, hull examination, and the deployment and capture of satellites
  • Functional wing flaps/elevons, body flap, and split tail rudder
  • Same scale as the Lego Saturn V (Approx 1:111)

What’s also impressive is the fact that this Idea was only posted mid July and shot to 10,000 supporters in 6 weeks. Just shows you how much of a consumer base there is for all things space and more specifically NASA. I mean look at the stock issues we’ve seen around the LEGO Ideas Saturn V Rocket.

Now the small or rather large potential issue that may mean this set doesn’t leave the launch pad – While extremely popular and gorgeous, the set is maybe too similar to the LEGO Expedition Shuttle (10231). I’ll leave that for your judgement…

NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)” joins “I Am Your Father”, “NF-15B Research Aircraft”, “The wonders of Peru” and “Gilmore Girls” and is the fifth LEGO Idea to make the second 2017 review panel. If you want to know what Ideas made the first 2017 review panel refer to my last LEGO Ideas blog (last paragraph) for the list.

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Happy Building!

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