The second 2017 LEGO Ideas review is now locked away and a distant memory. Finally we can move on and what better way to kickstart the third 2017 LEGO Ideas review, than a project that I truly love, is original and reflects the spirit of LEGO Ideas.

Pop up

The LEGO Idea is titled “Pop-Up Book” and is the creation of JKBrickworks (collaboration between Grant Davis and Jason Allemann). What I love is it’s such an original idea. The book (made of LEGO of course) is cleverly designed to feature a simple and reliable mechanism that pops up a structure when the book opens, and pulls it back in when the book closes.

Pop up book

Pop up book 1

The project brief states that the set could come with two interchangeable scenes and has room for 3-5 minifigures depending on the final design outcome.

Keen to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one – Is this a truly original idea or does it miss the mark?

Pop-Up Book” is the first LEGO Idea to make the third 2017 review panel.

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Happy Building!

4 thoughts on “LEGO IDEAS – “POP-UP BOOK” HITS 10,000 SUPPORTERS

  1. Absolutely love this idea. A unique and versatile idea. Great for imaginative play but also a beautiful display piece.

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