It’s been a quiet month over at LEGO Ideas (other than the Tron Light Cycle announcement) and with this review cycle nearing a close we finally have our sixth LEGO Idea to join the review cycle and hit 10,000 supporters.

RuPaul’s Brick Race (based on RuPaul’s Drag Race) is the creation of “SeeMarkGeek” and is a playful attack on all things pink and flamboyant. Not something I’m personally aware of or watched, but the show is based on the American Drag Superstar RuPaul who is the judge and host searching for the next Drag Superstar. While the concept may not be appealing to me It has run 9 seasons so must be popular over the pond!

The designer has packed in a lot of fun into his design with a colourful main stage studio, TV monitor, prep area and wig and makeup room – So much pink! It doesn’t stop there either as the Idea is headed up with a large variety of minifigures (8 in total). Designer minifig round up below:

  • RuPaul in three variations: Leopard-print runway gown, iconic racing jumpsuit (with checkered flag) and smartly suited for “Clutch Game” (microphone and question cards in hand.)
  • Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie: Everyone’s favourite Grey Gardens recluse has come prepared with a tin of Sell’s Liver Pate (or did she bring cat food by mistake? Honestly, she can never quite tell…)
  • Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy: Order in the court! This famously no-fuss TV Judge is ready to bang her gavel and let you know when she smells baloney!
  • Katya Zamolodchikova as Björk: “I was supposed to munch my answer card, no?” Oh well, Björk will have to busy herself with her bubble wand.
  • Alyssa Edwards as Katy Perry: America’s candy-clad sweetheart is ready to showcase her merchandise (with killer perfume to splash about)  
  • Milk as Julia Child: What does this charming TV chef have on the boil? Will her performance be underdone? (…we hear she’s no Meryl) Nevermind, Julia can always console herself with a croissant or two.

While I can appreciate the colourful playful design I think that RuPaul is just too specific to the US market and with limited global appeal will fall down at the review stage.

RuPaul’s Brick Race” joins “The Dive Shop”, “JAGUAR E-Type Roadster”, “The Lighthouse”, “Boat House Diner” and“Pop-Up Book” and is the sixth LEGO Idea to make the third 2017 review panel.

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Happy Building!

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