Ahoy me matey so, ye want t’ to see me ship aye? Well shiver me timbers LEGO went and bloody trapped me ship in a bottle! Overnight (Oz time) LEGO officially announced the latest LEGO Ideas to hit the shops – LEGO Ideas Ship in a bottle 21313.

The Idea galvanised the LEGO community and hit the 10,000 supporter mark in just a little over a month no doubt due to its creativity and pulling of the nostalgia strings (remembering Dad/Grandad’s dusty ship in a bottle collection).

As always the box art is awesome – nothing more to say really LEGO seems to get LEGO Ideas box art smack on everytime! With Ship in a Bottle the box art is naturally nautical themed with a weathered wood and porthole backdrop.

Ship in a Bottle 21313 will contain 962 pieces and will retail at AUD $119.99 / NZD $149.99 / USD $69.99 / GBP £69.99 from the 1st February 2018. Note – prices are based on the LEGO Online Shop (no early VIP release).

As always when a LEGO Idea makes it through the review it gets the LEGO Design team once over. This helps optimise the design for mass production based on price point, stability of model, design aesthetic and availability of elements. For Ship in a Bottle it means that the bottle and ship have shrunk back in size compared to the original design which has almost halved the element count.

Positives – Less elements equals reduced price point (will help sell more sets – over $200 may have been a push), a slicker looking bottle with less connecting element seams and a gorgeous bottle stand with globes from the original design and a new central compass that is a vast improvement on the original cannon idea.

Not so Positives – The ship “Leviathan” looks squished compared to the original design and is a victim of the design downsize 🙁

The final touches see an updated printed flag with Leviathan design that really caps off this special LEGO Ideas set!

That’s my initial take on the new LEGO Idea set and will definitely be on my purchase list. For those interested see official description below:

21313 LEGO Ideas: Ship in a Bottle

Ages 10+. 962pieces.

US $69.99 – CA $89.99 – DE 69.99€ – UK £69.99 – DK 599.00 DKK

*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Create a timeless classic with LEGO® bricks!

Show you are a true craftsman when you create a Ship in a Bottle with LEGO® bricks! Build this beautiful ship named ‘Leviathan’, including the captain’s quarters, masts, crow’s nest, sails, flag and 6 cannons. Place it inside the brick-built bottle, featuring a buildable cork and wax seal. Then showcase your nostalgic, nautical creation on the display stand, complete with the ship’s nameplate and a compass with a spinning needle.

• Features a LEGO® brick-built bottle, ship and a display stand.
• Bottle features a detailed, buildable cork with NEW wax-seal-style element and over 280 translucent-blue, water-style elements inside.
• Ship features a raised deck at the stern, captain’s quarters, 6 cannons, 3 masts, a crow’s nest and assorted elements including printed sails and the ship’s flag.
• Display stand features the ship’s ‘Leviathan’ nameplate, a built-in ‘compass’ (non-functioning) with detailed compass rose and spinning gold-colored needle, 2 globe elements and gold-colored detailing.
• Includes a booklet with building instructions, plus information about the set’s fan creator and LEGO® designers.
• Bottle on stand measures over 3″ (10cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep.
• Ship measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.

Happy Building!




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