Since I started AATB I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done a dedicated write on a LEGO Idea before it has reached the magical 10,000 supporters milestone. The two previous occasions involved a clever direction and concept for LEGO (Pop-Up Book) and an important sun smart message from a terminally ill father and his son (Surf Rescue). This time round I was browsing LEGO Ideas with my son and he kept saying “Dad look up dinosaurs please!” of course I obliged and we both simultaneously spotted T-Rex Skull and went wow!!!!

The clever use of LEGO Technic elements has allowed Damian Thomas (Creator) to create a epic sized T-Rex Skull display piece, but still only using approx. 1,000 elements. I still can’t believe it – especially when you see Damian’s head next to the model later on! The skull is approx 55cm in length and 33cm wide. On the display stand it is 45cm at its widest and 58cm at its highest.

In addition to its sheer size the base of the skull and lower jaw line is fully articulated allowing the skull to be set in a variety of positions from toothy grin to full scale get in my mouth – chomp!

Lastly what comes as the biggest surprise is how the hell does LEGO Technic look so organic it’s mental and I love it!

Anyway enough hero worship I’m making myself vomit haha! In addition to the highlevel shout out Damian agreed to answer a few questions about his design:

AATB – Thanks for letting me pester you to start things off if you had to pick just one LEGO element you couldn’t live without which one would it be and why?

Creator – Prior to this project I didn’t have a particular element that I couldn’t live without but now I would have to say I couldn’t live without any of the technic plates. I found that because of the various sizes but similar shapes  I am able to position the plates in many different ways to create the organic form that I need.

AATB – That was just a warm up what we really want to know is what drew you to the LEGO Ideas format and how have you found the process of uploading an Idea so far? Any tips?

Creator – To be honest I didn’t know the LEGO Ideas existed until about a month before joining LEGO Ideas last year. I happened to type  “how to get your Lego set built by Lego” into google and it came up with LEGO Ideas.

I joined, logged on, and that was that. I watched the latest uploads and searched the back log of ideas and I couldn’t find anything like what I had started to build. So I thought bonus and carried on with my project.

I had problems uploading my project at first but it turned out it was a bug with the smart phone version, eventually after some investigating I found I could upload without any trouble on the wife’s iPad. As far as tips go, I’d say don’t rush, take your time with your project. Take good pictures, especially showing the scale of your project, if its big or small. Don’t worry about the Lego count either as long as you don’t go over the Lego Ideas rules of coarse. But mainly don’t rush, just have fun building.

AATB – Now we all know Dinosaurs are awesome (my son can vouch for that), but where did the idea to build a T-Rex Skull come from?

Creator – It started when I watch a documentary about a T-rex autopsy on the discovery channel and I thought it would be a good [LEGO] Idea to build a complete skeleton, muscle and skin model of a T-Rex out of Lego. I then decided that Technic was the way to go but when I started the build for the skull nostril area I realized it would be way to big as a complete skeleton, plus the wife might divorce me if I bought tons more Lego. So I opted on a skull only project.

AATB – Interestingly you opted for Technic elements which is not the most common medium for LEGO Ideas, what drew you to use these instead of the more standard LEGO elements?

Creator – Before this project I wasn’t a big technic fan. Don’t get me wrong I remember the original technic and loved it, then Lego changed over to these big plates and studs disappeared from technic pieces too. So I have spent more build time previously with standard elements. But for this project it just worked, it was big pieces for a big project yet I could achieve the shape I needed because they also had smaller identical plates and they just worked when they were put together. Now I love them, I can’t get enough of the technic elements ;]

AATB – What would you look forward to the most should your Idea get 10,000 supporters and to the review panel and maybe beyond?

Creator – Honestly, the smile on my son’s faces. I am having to give them daily updates on my Ideas count. And for me, to just have a set made by Lego.

AATB – Looking at the previous line up of successful LEGO Ideas that hit the shops what has been a favourite of yours?

Creator – I think my favourite has to be WALL-E, but like I said, at the time of buying it for my wife I didn’t realize it was made by a fan of Lego. Am waiting for the official release of the Voltron kit tough, that was a mega build ;]

AATB – Following on from the last question, have there been any LEGO Ideas that you thought it was a shame they didn’t get 10,000 supporters or through the review panel?

Creator – Iron Giant and Red Arrow Hawk were two Ideas that were supported by me and gutted when they didn’t get through the review panel.

AATB – My son wants to know if you have any plans to build a Triceratops skull and Dad (me) wonders if you have played around with any smaller versions that would make an awesome GWP (gift with purchase) set?

Creator – Damn, busted….I am just starting the lower jaw for my next Idea and it does have three horns. And it’s bigger than Rex. When this is done I have an Idea for a smaller build but it may just end up big too.

AATB – Finally if this awesome Idea makes it to the shops I will be one of the first to grab one will you sign it for me (haha cheeky I know)?

Creator – It’s not cheeky, I would definitely sign it, it’s the least I could do after all your support. Thanks

To end on Damian sent through a couple of images of himself next to the T-Rex Skull and as I mentioned before this really does highlight to true size of this monster (not you Damian the skull)!

I don’t often plea or beg, but if you read this blog and like the Idea then please head over to the LEGO Ideas page and cast your vote (It doesn’t cost anything and is a great way to support budding designers). Let’s help make this set a reality – Vote Link

Happy Building!


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