2 weeks of radio silence from a Blogger is a lifetime, but Assembly Square (all 4,000 bricks) has me bunkered down trying to finish the build and review. Thankfully this is the last large model of the year. Tricked you, that couldn’t be further from truth if I tried – Thanks LEGO! My wallet and spare time has to cover the Saturn V Rocket, new Carousel, Old Fishing Store, London Double Decker Bus / UCS Millennium Falcon (big question mark on the last two???) to name just a few. 2017 is turning out to be a cracker!

Anyway focusing my drifting mind back to the reason of the blog and we have our second LEGO Idea – “The Wonders of Peru” hitting 10,000 supporters.

The concept is based around a Peruvian retablo.  For those who aren’t aware (me included) Retablo are folk art usually carved out of local wood and set in the form of portable boxes usually depicting historical, religious and major events from the highlands of Peru.

The creator cdwboy1979 created this rather impressive Idea utilising 2,441 pieces, which considering its size is clever that it was kept within the 3,000 piece count threshold.

It’s also nice to see the vintage LEGO trees being incorporated into a modern design. While the design is original (in LEGO form that is) I can’t help but feel the design is region specific and somewhat limiting. This doesn’t distract from the creativity shown in the design, I just think it will fall short when it comes to the final review. Would love to hear any other thoughts on the Idea?

The wonders of Peru” joins “Gilmore Girls” and is the second LEGO Idea to make the second 2017 review panel. If you want to know what Ideas made the first 2017 review panel refer to my last LEGO Ideas blog (last paragraph) for the list.

Remember to support all those aspiring LEGO builders out there on LEGO Ideas.

Happy Building!


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