The latest LEGO Idea to hit 10,000 supporters is straight out of every child’s (and adults!) wildest dreams involving adventure, wildlife, being at one with nature and a big splash of Robinson Crusoé inspiration. Let’s give a big round of applause to the newest member of the 10,000 supporter club – Treehouse.

To confirm though this is no ordinary tree house, but rather a large beast of a tree with three livable cabins incorporated in its branches. Coming in at an element count of 2,643 pieces it isn’t for the faint hearted and comes close to the under 3,000 element rule LEGO Ideas has in place for all new submissions. If the set gets through it will be the largest LEGO Ideas set to hit the shops since its inception back in the Cuusoo days!

The creator KevinTreeHouse has pitched a storyboard for his creation to reflect not just the potential AFOL collectability appeal, but also the playbility and imagination that kids will surely love. Creator comments below:

Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by construction and modelling. 
That’s why I was excited to receive new Lego boxes for christmas or birthday. I loved to constructed them but i was more excited to use this new bricks for my own creations.

Passionated by naturewildlife and wood constructions, I concretized this project about childhood dreams and travel. The idea was emerged during a unusual week-end with friends in treehouses, such as Robinson Crusoé.  

Project name: Treehouse
Story: It’s a aventurers’ family which rebuild their life after being lost. Using recovered materials, they adopted a tree as a new place to live.
Total parts: 2643
Creation time: about 600h
-3 aventurers’ minifigures (man, woman, child)
-animals (cat, parrot, frog, spider)
-3 wooden cabins (2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom)
-detachable cabins clip-on tree and roofs clip-on cabins
-scale of treehouse respected compared to minifigures

Three Ideas in and this is clearly a favorite of mine now. I mean who wouldn’t love a whopping great big Treehouse on display in their house?! That’s if I can keep my kids away from the set – maybe I’ll buy two if it gets through…

Treehouse” is the third LEGO Idea to hit 10,000 supporters and joins “SR-71A The Final Flight” and “Embraer A-29 Super Tucano (Smoke Squadron)” in the first 2018 review panel.

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Happy Building!



    1. Hi Troy – you and me both. Fingers crossed it is looked favorably by the LEGO Ideas design team and gets through!

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