Finally “Tron Legacy Light Cycle” has hit 10,000 supporters over on LEGO Ideas. This one has been a firm family favorite in my household and it’s been an agonising wait watching this idea slowly creep to the magical 10,000 number.

The creator BrickBros UK has designed his set around Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle from the 2010 Disney movie Tron Legacy and mounted it on a Tron grid base. For those who have not seen the movie it’s a must see (shameless plug) not only are the visuals spectacular but the soundtrack that accompanies the movie is awesome!

Considering the visuals, the design cleverly captures the essence of the grid (Tron environment is the circuit board from ENCOM’s computer mainframe). Blue represents the power grid lines running through the Light cycle, grid base and Sam Flynn minifigure represent the good side of the mainframe (Orange/yellow being the opposite/bad at least in Tron Legacy).

From the creator:

“The light cycle allows a minifigure to easily fit into and clip onto the handles, the light cycle itself has a console in front of the user, two handle bars and detailing down the sides, there is also a power stream behind connected to the light cycle. The Sam Flynn minifigure comes in a tron suit with helmet and disc connected on the back of the minifigure for added detail. The light cycle can easily be mounted on to the Grid base with two connection points and the base has the Grid effect with black and trans-blue tiles creating a tron feel and has a medium azure trim for finish.”

Considering its size (small) and the fact that there is a lot of rumors flying around about another Tron movie I feel this idea has a strong chance of making it through the review (maybe I’m too biased because I love the set!) – I can always hope and dream…

“Tron Legacy Light Cycle” is the eighth LEGO Idea to make the first 2017 review panel followed by “Sega Classic Arcade Games”, “The Blues Mobile“, “Dungeon Master”, “Red Arrow Hawk”, “Venetian Houses“, “Jeep Wrangler Rubicon” and “NBC’s The Office

Remember to support all those aspiring LEGO builders out there on LEGO Ideas and of course would love hear peeps thoughts on this one?

Happy Building!


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