The first 2017 review panel for LEGO Ideas is definitely a varied bunch so far and I don’t envy the LEGO teams task to pick a winner/winners. This time round we are lazily enjoying a gondola ride around quintessential Venetian houses (thankfully minus the lovely smell and tourists). The project the titled “Venetian Houses” is a massive double modular design utilising a hefty 4,500 bricks.

The creator McMarco took his inspiration from his love of Venice and its architecture. By basing his design on a double modular base he has managed to squeeze in two distinct buildings, a canal, quaint little bridge and of course a gondola. The creator has also emphasised this is the first modular design that incorporates access to the sea, which at the time of his launch was true (not any more with Old Fishing Store).

What really makes this a special set is the detail that has been incorporated into each room. Creator’s summary below:

The big House:

Library (first floor):

  • Librarian with reception
  • bookcases, seats and rare documents
  • book corner for children
  • tiltable stairs to the second floor
  • back door to the boat dock

Music School (second floor):

  • big auditorium with a grand piano
  • music teacher and a prima donna
  • a separated music exercise room with two pupils


  • small boat dock
  • Venetian gondola with a gondolier and passenger

The smaller House:

Museum (first floor):

  • small museum with contemporary art
  • beautiful corkscrew stairs

Apartment (second floor):

  • Ilona’s luxurious flat
  • king size bed
  • desk and bookcase

In keeping with the extremely generous design, detail and size, the proposed set comes with 17 x minifigures – I repeat a whopping 17 x minifgures! Like the real Venice looks there will be no shortage of tourists to populate the set.

To highlight the modular configuration the creator has combined the set with LEGO Brick Bank (10251) and the Parisian Restaurant (10243). This also gives a real feel for how big this set really is.

As I reviewed this idea I have to admit it has really grown on me with all of the intricate design and the lovely canal inclusion. Sadly I worry with the recent changes to LEGO Ideas rules (design no bigger than 4,000 bricks) and the potential cost of the set, may be insurmountable roadblocks stopping this set making onto the shop shelves.

“Venetian Houses” is the fifth LEGO Idea to make the review panel followed by “Sega Classic Arcade Games”, “The Blues Mobile“, “Dungeon Master” and “Red Arrow Hawk

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Happy Building!

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