Another week and another big LEGO headline! This time we have the recent news that LEGO Minifigure Series 16 (71013) has hit the toy shops early in the USA.

LEGO Minifigure Series 16

It appears that LEGO may have released series 16 ahead of its planned September debut date to make way for a second run of the highly successful LEGO Disney Minifigure Series. This would allow the Disney Minifigure Series to be sold alongside the new LEGO Cinderella Castle (71040) after a lot of fans missed out on the first run.

I’ve not heard of the series 16 being released anywhere else and would be keen to hear if anyone has spotted it over in OZ? All I know is there are some very lucky Americans already enjoying some iconic minifigures from this series! For us LEGO deprived Australians we either have to wait or grab some at a premium price on eBay.

Anyway back to the important stuff and what’s in series 16!

LEGO Minifigure Series 16 - Individuals

COMMON (5 per box)

  • Banana man in costume – Green Torso, Blue Legs. Arms have an interesting two tone green and yellow. Also has a cool dude face with shades on. Main feature is the giant banana piece that connects to the head and covers body. No doubt will be very popular.
  • Arabian Knight – Dark green turban with a black scimitar. Sort of character that Lawrence of Arabia would have seen during his travels through the Middle East and not to be messed with! Some interesting printing on the legs.
  • Spy – All black torso, legs and arms. Torso and leg printing is very intricate and really emphasises the whole Mission Impossible Spy look. Also throw in the night vision goggles, backpack and rope and you have a guy that means business.

UNCOMMON (4 per box)

  • South American Serenader – Straight out of Mexico with his black sombrero, awesome tash that would put most men to shame (even in Movember) and superb little guitar. Very likable minifigure.
  • Imp – Cool little imp costumed boy. Gargoyle wings, black devil tail and a brand new hat accessory. Don’t forget the pumpkin bucket to collect all his lollies!
  • Hiker – Looks like we have a new backpack from LEGO that has the sleeping bag rolled at the top to give it that authentic look. We also have a map and a compass as accessories. As with the spy we are also blessed with very detailed torso and leg printing.
  • Rogue – Slightly redesigned head piece, bow and arrows as a back accessory. Pretty standard affair.
  • Dog Show Judge – Great little unique minifigure with dog show orientated torso printing and a brand new Westie dog. A must for any LEGO dog collectors out there!
  • Spooky Boy – Another horror theme child minifigure. Cool spooky tales book and spider accessory. White dead skin tone and a funky little skull LEGO minifigure head printed on the torso.

RARE (3 per box)

  • Babysitter – Following on from the first ever baby released in Fun in the Park we now have our second outing with a new baby in baby blue outfit + torso printing. Supporting this little sprout we have a babysitter with blond pigtails and bottle. I have to say the baby series is growing on me and this will be a must get. Being in the rare category expect this to be in high demand and hard to find.
  • Pirate – Gnarly old pirate with every pirates must have accessory – treasure map and sword/cutlass. Unlike Jack Sparrow this pirate sports a bald shiny head.
  • Cyborg – Female cyborg. For some reason seems a bit hobbled together and disappointing. Hopefully when we get to see the series in person down in Oz may present better than in the images. Thoughts on this one?
  • Ice Queen – Ummm interesting minifigure, but not sure on the two swords. Ice crown and torso are good and has an unusual cape.
  • Penguin – One word adorable and will be very popular for those that collect the animal suit minifigures. It’s worth noting of the 16 series of minifigures it’s usually the animal suit minifigures that fetch the highest value in resale (due to their high demand). This time we have a child minifigure in a penguin suit plus a pair of ice skates – think pingu!
  • Kickboxer – Chick with attitude! great female kickboxer with very expressive face. Is fitted with standard affair you’d expert with a kickboxer, gloves, headpiece and sportsware printing on torso and legs.
  • Wildlife Photographer – Another popular minifigure in the making. Wildlife photography with arctic gear and headpiece (as seen in the arctic base sets). Also comes with a cute little penguin accessory and camera. Cheese anyone?

Well that rounds up my take on the series. If anyone spots or sees the series in Oz please drop a comment and hopefully we can all go grab some before they sell out!

Lastly thanks to my French cousins at Hello Bricks for the images.

Happy Building!


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