The more I get stuck into the AFOL community the more I’m amazed at the variety of MOC techniques, tips and out right crazy (verging on illegal) ideas. But of course everyone has to start somewhere and I stumbled upon Andy Grant on one of the social media sites who has perfected (I mean perfected) the art of taking multiple sets and sprinkling in a bit of creativity to design and build some pretty awesome modulars that really inspired me to give it a go.

Titled “Bricktown Takeout” Andy Grant took his inspiration from LEGO Corner Deli (31050) and used elements from the recently released LEGO Pizza Van (60150). Andy’s technique is to start out by grabbing multiple copies of a set he likes the look of (in this instance 4 x Corner Deli) and experiments expanding the base set into a modular set. Andy is a big fan of the modular series (me also) and incorporates build ideas and clever techniques he has learnt from the series into his MOCs.

Not only has Andy nailed the external detail, but he has really paid a lot of time and care with the internal detailing. Ground floor we have a typical Pizza takeaway layout (elements thanks to 60150) and next door a deli sandwich shop. I personally love the addition of a diagonal entrance to the deli shop which breaks the temptation to go blocky on the modular and really adds character.

Following floors at this stage are a blank canvas, but are prime real estate to be converted into a cool little two level apartment – future project.

That’s enough of me now time to get a bit of an insight of the creator himself. Andy kindy agreed to answer some questions below:

1) When did you discover or rediscover LEGO?

LEGO is something I never really grew out of. I am 4 years younger than my older brother so I always just remember having LEGO around. When I hit my uni years my financial situation and the stigma of LEGO being a “toy” slowed my LEGO passion, but once I hit full time work it came back. When I met my partner who confessed she liked LEGO too, it started to steamroll.

2) What was your favourite LEGO theme and why?

I love LEGO city. Mostly because it’s what I did as a kid. Cars and houses was what I built. These days I love anything city; trains, cars, trucks, houses. But mostly I love modular buildings. I love the detail, the techniques they’ve taught me are amazing and I love that they’re designed for the older LEGO fan. I’ve also always loved LEGO castles. More the MOC side of the hobby than the factory sets.

3) What would you love LEGO to do moving forward?

I’d love LEGO to slip a second modular into the yearly calendar, although the wallet probably disagrees. Also I’d like to see kingdoms return. NEXO Knights just doesn’t float my boat, but I understand it’s not aimed at 38 year old men. Hahaha…

4) Where did you get your inspiration to create your MOC?

Inspiration comes from other MOCers in the AFOL community. Also using the original LEGO designs and expanding on them.

5) Did you use any software such as LDD to assist?

No use of LDD or similar. I’ve tried to use them, but I suck at technology. A basic design or concept is all in my head. Trial and error with physical bricks is my technique.

6) Your style of MOCing seems like a great way to dip your toes into the world of MOCs, any tips you would offer for budding LEGO MOC creators?

Advice for MOCers would be to start small and work your way to big projects. I started with “kit bashing”. Taking an existing set and making personal tweaks. Buying 3-4 (or more of the same set) is my normal method.

7)  Any other MOCs you have in the pipeline?

Always thinking of more modulars. Thinking a butcher is needed in my city. I’ve also got a couple of castle projects in the works. One of which I started 3 years ago, but has severely stalled. (The ambition was bigger than the budget).

Massive thanks to Andy for sharing his creation and insights and I can’t wait to see (and steal) your future creations!

Hopefully “Bricktown Takeout” and the technique used inspires others to dip their toes into the wonderful world of MOCing. Feel free to share your creations and comments here or on the Facebook page. Would love to see other peeps creations using existing LEGO sets as a base.

Happy Building!




  1. This post describes me exactly, well, without the awesome skills. I have all the yearly modulars since fire brigade, in some cases duplicates. I am teaching myself techniques by straightening out corners and cornering straights. I have also modded all of my creator houses into 10,12,14 or 16 stud wide modular facades. I am currently corner modularising 4 park street townhouses and will start on 4 deli’s next. I like to make my own creations but it is fun to start with others ideas and build from them. I have bookmarked this post and will be “borrowing” a lot from them. Is there much in the way of a one-stop shop where people post this sort of thing? There are a lot of Brick linked modulars out there that look great but they aren’t something I can easily buy or make from scratch, that is why I like the Modular creators. Is there much in the way of resources and communities that focus on this style of build?

    1. Hi Tim – thanks for comments (sorry for slow response). There are quite a few facebook groups dedicated to MOC Modulars that are worth checking out. Always a good source of ideas and the AFOL community is great for sharing creations and new techniques. Cheers Russ

    1. Hi Brick_Kid, Thanks for posting a comment. I’ll ask the creator if he has instruction and happy to share. If it’s a green light I’ll ping you an email. Cheers Russ

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