I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my “LEGO MOC Time” blog series. It’s taken me to multiple countries, covered a wide range of concepts/designs and showcased the creativity of our wide AFOL community out there. In keeping with all things new and the freshness of the series I will be covering our first LEGO MOC ship and trialing dual language on the question and answers (please be forgiving if it’s a little sketchy – dealing with Chinese). Well it’s time to jump onboard the epic ship – Empire Dauntless Ship / 帝國無敵船 created by Jung Hung Weng (Allen).

Allen has taken the LEGO Imperial Flagship 10210 for its mast and sails, but laid his own keel and completely pumped his ship on steroids – so much so the original Imperial Flagship looks like a fishing boat in comparison!

The changes don’t stop there Allen has also opted for a yet to be seen (officially in LEGO) red, white and gold colour scheme that gives the vessel a regal emperior oriental feel. Not only that this beast sports 20 cannons! Thats right 20! You fire this thing she is likely to sink herself like the Mary Rose!

Fully crewed up she makes quite a display piece and leaves me feeling just a little bit envious.

Well that’s enough of me waffling on now it’s time to hear from Allen himself as he shares some insights and his passion for LEGO.

1) 當你發現或重新發現樂高時,你是幾歲 / What age was you when you discovered or rediscovered LEGO?

在我八歲時爸爸送我6285黑海梭魚號當做生日禮物,這麼壯觀海盜船讓還是小男生的我讚嘆不已,當然是愛不釋手囉!也從這時候開始對海盜系列深深著迷,可惜後來沒能珍惜些樂高全送人了,直到退伍後又重頭玩樂高。When I was eight years old, my father gave me LEGO 6285 as a birthday present. It was such a spectacular pirate ship for a little boy. I loved it so much! From this time on, I have been fascinated with the pirates’ series. However, in my childhood I did not keep them well and gave most of them away. Not until I finished the mandatory military service did I play LEGO again.

2) 你最喜歡的樂高主題是什麼?/ What was your favourite LEGO theme and why?

在擁有6285這艘氣勢非凡海盜船後,樂高的海盜系列就是我的最愛,後來接觸10210後更是情有獨鍾,船身的完整性和精細程度是其他盒組無法匹敵的,我也特別留了一盒,等我孩子們長大後一起動手組裝,傳承我爸對我愛。Because of 6285, the overwhelming pirate ship, LEGO pirate series is my favorite. But 10210 is even better! Compared to the other LEGO series, the completeness and fineness of the 10210’s hull are more excellent. I also keep a 10210 and wait for my kids to grow up. Just like my father was.

3) 你會喜歡樂高做哪些事情?/ What would you love LEGO to do moving forward?

我希望樂高公司能繼續開發海盜系列盒組,尤其是船。I hope LEGO company can continue to develop the Pirate-Series sets, ESPECIALLY THE SHIP.

4) 你在哪裡得到靈感來創建你的船MOC?/ Where did you get your inspiration to create your ship MOC?

我的靈感多半是來自自己想法,我也會學習國外海盜系列的玩家。Most of my inspirations come from life experience. I also learn from other LEGO players of pirate series.

5) 您是否使用LDD等軟件來協助?/ Did you use any software such as LDD to assist?

我沒有使用其他電腦軟體來輔助或模擬我的樂高作品,我習慣邊動手組裝邊修改,雖然比較浪費時間但比較真實I did not use any computer software to assist or simulate my LEGO works. I enjoy assembling and modifying in my hand. It cost lots of time, but more realistic to me.

6) 您將為發行的樂高MOC創作者提供任何提示。/ Any tips would you offer for budding LEGO MOC creators.

我建議其他的玩家多學習參考其他玩家品,來激發靈感,但不要抄襲!My suggestion for other LEGO players is to learn from other players’ works. But never be a copycat!

7) 任何其他MOC在管道中?/ Any other MOCs in the pipeline?

我目前正著手組裝另一艘戰艦。Recently I am working on another warship.

8) 什麼磚不能你沒有,為什麼? / What brick can’t you do without and why?

在台灣找材料比較困難,只能利用手邊有限材料,發揮最大創意!Finding appropriate materials in Taiwan is more difficult. But by our creativity, we can achieve good works despite of limited materials!

Well that’s a wrap I would like to extend a massive thank you to Jung Hung Weng (Allen). for spending the time to answer my questions and sharing his amazing Empire Dauntless Ship MOC with us all.

Happy Building!




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