Following on from my first ever community MOC blog (The Sentinel MKII) the other day I wanted to post something that was awesome, cool and inspire everyone that you don’t have to spend millions on Bricklink to get creative! Just as I was thinking what could be that great idea – Pop and Hannah Luke from the UK appears in the AFOL groups with an awesome MOC titled ‘Farverig’ (Danish for colourful).

Hannah’s inspiration came from a picture she had spotted over on flickr posted by Eldert. The idea was great, but she wanted to use the small LEGO pieces she had laying around. As parents and/or AFOL’s, buying LEGO on a regular basis leads to a build up of all the spare pieces LEGO throws into the sets. Hannah having fed her own love of LEGO and daughters addiction to LEGO Friend and Elves, had jar loads of small colourful pieces screaming out to be used!

The idea is simple grab a 48×48 base plate (Grey one above is readily sold in most toy shops) and that jar of small pieces and start to layout the colour quadrants. What’s nice about this process is it takes the LEGO mosaics (very popular at the moment) and adds depth by the variety of pieces used. The key is to not to be too uniform in the pieces you use. The joy of some of the latest themes (Friends, Elves, Nexo Knights) is that we are getting some really interesting small pieces to play around with.

Hannah has perfected this process and made sure she used all those interesting pieces while slowly building up the collage of colour.

For the final professional touch Hannah framed the collage in a simple clean frame which wouldn’t look out of place in any room whether it’s the kids toy room or main living area. I think we can all agree the final product meets Hannah’s brief of being both easy (using existing small pieces laying around) and classy (not too kiddy that it can be put on display in the lounge).

Thanks to Hannah for sharing her beautiful MOC ‘Farverig’. I hope the write up inspires others to get creative and shows just how easy it is to get involved without breaking the bank (beyond buying various sets originally).

If anyone is interested Hannah does make collage letters out of LEGO and sells them on Esty (link here). I’m sure they would look awesome in any nursery or kids room.

Lastly don’t forget to comment here or post a picture of your creations over on the Facebook page. Would love to see and share your MOC’s.

Happy Building!


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