Nothing like a burst water main in the front yard to put pay to your regular LEGO Blogging! After cleaning up the unintended new garden feature – swamp! I thought it was only appropriate for my next post to be on a really interesting and detailed MOC titled “Green Abyss”.

Tirrell Brown (Flickr – Blufiji) has created a modular interconnecting LEGO diorama using a dark murky swamp as inspiration for his tribe village setting. The MOC’s foundation is based on a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) base, which creates the foreboding stillness of the swamp.

Each module builds up the bigger overall village picture, capturing housing, crop cultivation, food preparation, trade post and meeting place.

Like the SNOT base Tirrell has really pushed the advanced building techniques, almost like he is on a mission to prove just how versatile LEGO can be. Not content with square houses all the village buildings are curved and utilise a very rustic building style. Capturing the organic nature of timber.

Tirrell has also shown he is a deft hand when it comes to building up landscapes, carefully layering foliage to create that swampy undergrowth with iconic Mangroves towering out of the over the village.

Before I get lost in the Green Abyss it’s now time to get a little insight into Tirrell Brown and tips for budding MOCers out there:

1) When did you discover or rediscover LEGO?

I have been playing with LEGO since I was about 4… I had a long dark age from about 15 until I was around 25. Around that time, I discovered the LEGO MOC community and been at it ever since.

2) What was your favourite LEGO theme and why?

My favorite theme was/is Roboforce, which comes from the late 90’s. I really was into the whole LEGO robots fighting the U.F.O and Spyrius themes back thing, plus transparent neon green!!

3) What would you love LEGO to do moving forward?

I would love for LEGO to get back to creating more original themes, and get away from all the licensing they are doing, but I understand why they do it.

4) Where did you get your inspiration to create your MOC?

I have really gotten into dark fantasy type builds lately, so my creation was an inspiration from that. I saw a few concept arts a while back and instantly knew I wanted to build something like that.

5) Did you use any software such as LDD to assist?

No I did not use any software to put the build together (or any of my builds for that matter).

6) What tips would you offer for budding LEGO MOC creators

The main thing I would offer any new MOC creators is don’t be intimidated and discouraged when you see builds that are very popular or amazingly built. We all started in the same place so work hard and you can become just as good or if not better than the people you see at those levels of building.

7)  Any other MOCs in the pipeline?

I have two builds in the that’s planned and another that is half finished. I take my time when working on larger projects, due to the fact that something usually always changes, or I come up with another way to pull off the concept I am going for.

Well that’s a wrap I would like to extend a massive thank you to Tirrell for spending the time to answer my questions and sharing his amazing MOCs with us all.

If you use Flickr remember to follow Tirrell Brown (Flickr – Blufiji), I certainly will!

Happy Building!

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