Continuing with my community MOC blog series I spotted this creations the other day over on one of the LEGO Facebook groups and instantly fell in love with it. Being in the Oil and Gas industry (thankfully for my wife not offshore anymore) seeing LEGO used to capture industrial structures such as offshore Oil and Gas Platforms really “floats my boat” to coin a phrase! The Platform is the brainchild of Jonathan Jones from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jonathan like myself works in the Oil and Gas industry and was personally involved in building the real thing in his hometown – now that’s dedication after building the real thing why not build it again in LEGO! Jonathan’s design cleverly captures the industry steel lattice work and colour scheme perfectly. He has also ensured key details such as the induction room for arriving personnel from chopper and heavy duty cranes to move cargo and tooling around. Jonathan kindly offered to give a bit more background and depth into his creation and his own personal LEGO journey:

1) When did you discover or rediscover LEGO?

I started building when I was 5 years old until I was about 15. Fast forward to 2016 Is when I got back into building again. I got back into Lego from buying a train set at the age of 32.

2) What was your favourite LEGO theme and why?

My favourite Lego theme growing up was the pirate sets from the 90’s, I really enjoyed building the ships

3) What would you love LEGO to do moving forward?

I would like to see Lego going back to it roots with the pirate and castle sets.

4) Where did you get your inspiration to create your MOC?

I got my inspiration for this MOC from building a real one in life, and that you don’t see very many MOC’S of a oil rig going around on the Internet.

5) Did you use any software such as LDD to assist?

While I was building this I went off a few pictures I had of a few of the oil rigs that I worked on. I tried to use LDD but found the program to slow to use for building, guess you could say I’m old school when it comes to building. If it don’t look right break it down and try it again.

6) What tips would you offer for budding LEGO MOC creators?

Tips …. When I first started this MOC I didn’t think I would be able to do it just because of the size I had in my mind. If you can think it, you can build it. This was the first build that I used bricklink for. It helped me a lot because it didn’t limit the way I wanted to build it. Just order what you need and in a week or 2 you’re ready to build.

7)  Any other MOCs you have in the pipeline?

I would like to add to this MOC by having it next to a dock so it’s getting repairs done on it. So then it will tie into my city and train theme. Lucky for us Jonathan has since offered some pictures of his drydock!

Enough talking I guess it’s time to post some more pictures after whetting everyone’s appetite. Let’s take a closer look at all those glorious valves, pipes, tanks and pumps that help keep a platform in production.

To end on after such a positive response to this design Jonathan has decided to list his design on LEGO Ideas. Now as you can see from the images in its current form (i.e. a whooping >10,000 pieces) the design was knocked back for being too big. This didn’t deter Jonathan who has since created a smaller design based on a steel jacket, which has now been successful accepted. Would be great if everyone could support his great design over on LEGO Ideas just hit the link – Oil Rig with Supply Vessel.

Look forward to seeing more of Jonathan’s work in the future and wish him the best of luck with his LEGO Ideas design.

Happy Building!


  1. Amazing display Jonathan shows you got a lot of patience and enjoys working /building with your hands loves your hobby I bet lots of kids would love to see this

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