The cool thing about having your own website is you can track all sorts of statistics associated with posts etc… After reviewing 2016 it’s clear that you, my readers can’t get enough of the AFOL communities creations (LEGO Ideas blogs being some of the most popular). With this in mind I’ve decided to set up a new category to cover My Own Creations (MOC) to showcase some of the best being posted online for all to see. Now to kick off the inaugural MOC post I have Henry Pinto’s “The Sentinel” recently completed by Henry over in his home city Sydney, Australia.

The LEGO MOC is cleverly designed and based on the Sentinel MKII from the X-Man comic book series. The final model is a whopping 101cm tall, 45 cm wide and weighs around 7.5 kgs.

For a model this size Henry has incorporated 10 linear actuators between the 2 legs – end result is an extremely stable model! Henry has also included LED lights for the power core and eyes. The actuators, LED lights, battery pack and wires are all hidden away by the extensive detailing throughout the model.

One thing a lot of MOC’s struggle with is scaling and aspect – not the Sentinel, Henry has painstaking based the aspect ratio on current LEGO minifigures and the achieved outcome is spot on.

All joints are fully articulated and can be moved and adjusted giving the model literally 100’s of potential poses and photo shoot opportunities – Cheese anyone!

Torso is solid and the use of various LEGO pieces to represent metal plating, hydraulics, gearing etc… is amazing and no expense was spared in getting the final finish.

Well that’s the first MOC feature blog and I can honestly say what a cracker to kick start this new category off with. Henry’s labour of love is one word “EPIC”. Further what has been a great touch with this model is the AFOL communities engagement, as Henry has been sharing the build’s journey from beginning to end. It really helps make you feel apart of the journey. Lastly special thanks to LEGO Elves and Friends, without these themes how else would we have got the lovely magenta colour that so perfectly helps the Sentinel’s colour scheme hit the mark!

Finally thanks to Henry Pinto for sharing your awesome model and of course the lovely pictures that I’m so unashamedly using in the blog. For those in Australia I believe Henry will be showing his model at Sydney Brick Show 2017, Melbourne Brickvention 2018 and maybe others will keep you posted.

Happy Building!

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