It’s time to look at the recently released official images for the first wave of LEGO Creator Sets for 2017. As you would expect we have a varied bunch ranging from animals, vehicles, robots and buildings. There is something for everyone in this bunch and a favorite of mine (well my son) is the new 3 in 1 Mighty Dinosaurs set (31058). This is a real little gem with the option to build a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratop or Pterodactyl (might have to buy 3)!


The Mighty Dinosaur will be accompanied by 10 other new sets bring the total first wave for 2017 to 11 in total summary below:

  • Blue Express Train 31054
  • Red Racer 31055
  • Green Cruiser 31056
  • Air Blazer 31057
  • Mighty Dinosaurs 31058
  • Sunset Street Bike 31059
  • Airshow Aces 31060
  • Exploration Robots 31062
  • Beachside Vacation 31063
  • Seaplane Adventures 31064
  • Park Street Townhouse 31065lego-creator-7 lego-creator-10 lego-creatorlego-creator-1 lego-creator-2 lego-creator-3lego-creator-4 lego-creator-8 lego-creator-6lego-creator-9 lego-creator-5

I’m also a big fan of the buildings and I have these smaller sets to thank (or curse!) for getting me into the Creator Modular series. The Beachside Vacation 31060 is clever, but where is the Great White stalking the surfer? The other building –  Park Street Townhouse 31065 finally gives us some accommodation for all the minifigures (ever wondered where do they sleep?). The alternative build has a great looking greenhouse, which is definitely an idea I will pinch.

Any fans? would love to hear your comments on the latest sets.

Happy Building!


3 thoughts on “LEGO NEWS – LEGO CREATOR 2017 SETS

  1. I for one will be definitely getting my hands on the park street town house, seaplane adventures and beachside vacation sets so as that I can add them to my ever growing collection of Lego, will I delve into the smaller sets there is a high possibility I may just want to check them out when they finally hit shelves in Australia.

    1. Yeah similar thoughts – I can picture a holiday gettaway Island MOC! Kinda fond of the robot, but will wait to see it on the shelves in Oz as well.

    2. Hey Matt I was wondering if you could call me at ABC radio? My number is 97922711 thanks Niomi O’Hara

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