Apologies I’ve been a bit slack and sat on this news, but for those that aren’t aware LEGO is releasing a modernised Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder 75144 for the annual May the 4th celebrations (April 29th early VIP access).  First making an appearance as a standard set back in 1999 the Snowspeeder has been a staple Star Wars LEGO set over the years appearing in various sizes and variants. This particular set is the second outing as a UCS set, last appearing in 2004 (10129).

The LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder 75144 contains a sizable piece count sitting at 1,703 and will retail at AUD $329.99 / USD $199.99 / GBP £169.99 (prices are based on the LEGO online shop).

The set has a few positives and one negative that seems to have got the Adult LEGO community all riled up. Let’s start with the positives:


  • The main highlight is the brand new cockpit piece. The new mold was specifically designed for the Snowspeeder and has helped really nail the tapered aspect of the Snowspeeder cockpit compared to the previous UCS Snowspeeder.
  • Exclusive minifigures – Rebel Snowspeeder pilot and his partner in crime, Gunner. Boy that black helmet is a little bit special!
  • Additional play and awesome designs compared to previous UCS Snowspeeder such as cool turbolasers and interactive air brakes.
  • Brand new printed computer consoles, but this leads into the main issue.


  • Sticker sheet with 31 stickers in total. Now I’m not against stickers and in the right set and place can really enhance a model. However, in a UCS set (premium price and design) squarely aimed at the adult community you don’t expect to have to so many stickers. When you consider that the previous UCS Snowspeeder had only 13 stickers (I think?) and that small inexpensive sets such as the Brickheadz have several printed elements, it seems a bit rough to have so many stickers. Hence the backlash in the community.

For more details and official description of the new Snowspeeder refer to the designer video kindly posted by LEGO.

As always keen to hear you thoughts.

Happy Building!


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