So sitting here with a belly full of cold leftover Christmas Turkey, kids in bed and wondering what to do with myself? I contemplated building and reviewing some LEGO sets, but all built out helping the kids with their Christmas haul of LEGO. So did what most people do and hit the internet aimlessly browsing and stumbled across a cool little YouTube video from Toyrewind highlighting some LEGO commercials from 1955-1990.

The commercial highlights some absolute little gems and I’ve touched on a couple below, but please watch the video it’s worth the 10 minutes or so!

  1. The famous yellow medieval castle. It was designed yellow (instead of traditional grey), as it was seen to be not threatening and the bricks couldn’t be used to make tanks etc… LEGO in the early days had a real phobia post second world war of encouraging military role play in children (good on them!) and it still lingers to this day.
  2. Space Space Space oh I wish LEGO would bring this theme back and not just concentrate on Star Wars. I’m an 80’s child and was raised on healthy doses of LEGO Space and 9v Train Sets. One thing I note the commercial almost sounds like a knock off of Star Trek – Space the final frontier these are the adventures… 
  3. Pirates not a personally favorite of mine, but I can appreciate the sense of adventure and excitement the ships would have brought. LEGO seemed to hit the high notes with LEGO pirates in the 90’s!
  4. Beware of the imitator looks like LEGO has been battling copyright infringement copycats for decades, but of course LEGO has flowers and Duplo and who can compete with that!
  5. Zack the LEGO Maniac!

Finally to end on I didn’t know (learn something new everyday) that LEGO had teamed up with McDonalds and offered a free little build with a 69 cents happy meal. Amazing considering the price of LEGO how it could even produce the sets at the right price point. Upon further review looks like they have teamed up several times – the last being in 2004. The 2004 happy meal offering was pretty awful though!

Enough waffling on hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane. As always feel free to post comments on memories of childhood LEGO. As with all AFOL’s love talking all things LEGO!

Happy Building!

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