Since I started All About The Brick (AATB) a year and half ago I have posted just over 215 articles which has been a BIG, but massively enjoyable commitment. Through the journey I have had various people reach out asking if they could join AATB and become a blogger bringing additional material, different style and news on all things LEGO. Now while I’m not willing to let go of the reins it does pose an interesting opportunity to build on the wealth of information on AATB.

After some deliberation I have decided to create a new series called “Guest Blog” that will allow (after review and vetting by myslef) the posting of LEGO related articles on AATB. Frequency will depend on the demand with the initial idea to aim for once a month. All approved guest blogs will be fully referenced and credited to the author with hyperlinks embedded to relevant social media etc…

Keep an eye out as I will be launching the series with my first guest blogger – Mark. Who will literally be KICKING off with an interesting article on a LEGO Star Wars Foosball table.

Finally and more importantly if anyone is interested in becoming a guest blogger and having their article published on AATB then please don’t hesitate to reach out via the web page (Contact Me) or via one of the social media pages (Facebook / Twitter)

Happy Building!



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