Finally I’ve finished the week and I have a long weekend to look forward to thanks to a guy called Jesus – Thank you Christianity. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there for me. Monday I fly over to Melbourne for the grand opening of the first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Australia (is it dorky for a 34 year old male to be so excited I can’t sleep?!). Though this may sound minor, for us in Oz it’s massive event as we have traditionally been lagging behind our brethren around the world – No dedicated LEGO certified stores, limited polybags, delayed set releases and no themed parks or discovery centres to take our kids. I know what you’re thinking how have we coped for so long!

Anyway my excitement is bleeding into this news roundup so back to the point of the blog and let’s have a look at what has been swirling around in the news and social media:

  • For those in the Northern Hemisphere spring has sprung in the UK city of culture – Hull. Bright Bricks headed by Duncan Titmarsh (only UK LEGO Certified Professional) has installed 1,700 bright yellow daffodils created from a staggering 146,400 plastic Lego pieces. Below video compliments of Wochit Entertainment and CNET.

  • LEGO Mini Milano polybag has been spotted in wild thanks to BRICKSFANS. The microscale version of the Star-Lord’s ship has appeared on the online Toys R Us UK site for £4.99. Likelihood is this polybag will be appearing all over the globe as a promotional item so keep an eye out.

  • Unless you’ve been holed up somewhere enjoying the bliss of being disconnected from the world, then you would have seen the epic fail by United Airlines with a poor passenger dragged out of a plane with an overbooked ticket (not the poor blokes fault as he had paid, selected his seat, and was seated waiting to takeoff). But as with all these types of news stories it’s not done justice until someone in the AFOL community recreates the scene in LEGO with a dash of satirical humor. Well the guys over at Brickmania have done just that and created a custom minifigure to mark the occasion!

  • Amazon is running a cool little competition on its Facebook page this week. Competition started Sunday and has been be running daily since packing a week full of LEGO Architecture giveaways from all around the world.

  • More locally a fellow LEGO blogger “BricktasticBlog” is running LEGO Re-Theme Challenge with some cool prizes on offer. Basically the concept is to grab a LEGO set from one of many themes (current or retired), then change it based on the look and feel of an alternative theme. For more information head over to the competition page and check it out (BricktasticBlog – Re-theme competition). Well worth getting involved and good luck! Image compliments of by justin_m_winn on Flickr.

Well that’s a wrap and keep an eye out for my review of the new Melbourne LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and LEGO store next week. Enjoy the Easter break.

Happy Building!

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