This time of year normally marks a blizzard of news and images of new and exciting LEGO sets. However, other than an image or two of the new Jurassic World sets it’s been more like a small flurry. Previously the source of all the excitement was the Nuremberg Toy Fair, but like the London Toy Fair (though LEGO didn’t exhibit this year) LEGO has decided to put in place a no picture taking policy. Our European blogging cousins over at Zusammengebout and PromoBricks still attended but we had to rely on their verbal descriptions and let the imagination do the rest! High level summary below:


A few years back LEGO jumped in and acquired the license to produce Jurassic World sets. Initially they appeared to linger in the shops a while, but then suddenly sold out and become rarer than hen’s teeth! Fast forward to today and the dinosaurs from those sets are like the fabled LEGO goat and fetch big money on the reseller pages. Luckily for me and my dinosaur obsessed son LEGO is jumping back into the franchise and is releasing a new wave for Jurassic World sets to mark the up and coming Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie – Thank you LEGO now I can buy my son some dinosaurs without going broke!

The wave will cover LEGO Systems, Junior and even the Duplo range. As a teaser we were lucky enough to see 1 from each range.

  • LEGO Systems – 75926, 75927, 75929, 75930
  • LEGO Juniors – 10756, 10757
  • LEGO DUPLO – 10879


LEGO Brickheadz shows no sign of slowing down with more licensed products coming along with the previously announced Brickheadz seasonal sets. However, the big news was the release later this year of a “Go Brick Me” Brickheadz set (41597) – Sounds interesting!


Last year LEGO caught everyone off guard with a truly epic LEGO Ninjago Movie Ninjago City modular set that was an insanely detailed and a riot on the senses (anyone guess I’m a fan lol!). Considering its size and price point it seems that the set has been a great success and LEGO has decided to return to Ninjago City with a modular Ninjago City Port (70657). There has been some leaks doing the rounds, but they are poor quality images and I tend to refrain from spreading leaks and giving air time to the leakateers! All I can say is it will be at the top of my 2018 want list!


Another snippet of news was final confirmation that LEGO Power Functions will be getting a substantial update. It appears that there will be a design change, Bluetooth inclusion and App functionality all thrown in. In addition to the update LEGO will also be releasing two new train sets (passenger and cargo).


Earlier in the year we had the news of the 2018 wave of LEGO Architecture skyline sets (standard 3), however due to some pretty awful events at the Mandalay Bay Hotel the Las Vegas was delayed indefinitely. Well after a redesign LEGO is back on track to release LEGO Architecture Las Vegas Skyline (21038). In addition to the Las Vegas skyline LEGO also announced two new LEGO Architecture sets – LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China (21041) and LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty (21042).


Not quite a return to one of the three currently missing classic themes (Pirates/Medieval/Space), but LEGO has announced that there will be a LEGO Creator Pirates’ Rollercoaster (31084). It appears that the set will be using the new rollercoaster elements we saw pop up in LEGO Batman Movie Jokers Manor (70922).


In sader news it’s now confirmed that LEGO NEXO Knights has had its day and the end is nigh! For all its faults (the AFOL community were scathing), we have to remember this was aimed at kids (my son loved it – refer to my 5am series). NEXO Knights was also a great source of futuristic neon trans elements that you just don’t get in the licensed Star Wars theme. I guess the positive (silver lining) is this makes room for a new theme to be cooked up by the LEGO design team, so expect to see a new theme in the near to mid term. Maybe a return to a classic theme or a mashup of space and pirates – LEGO Astro Pirates sounds kinda cool lol!


LEGO technic seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment and this year LEGO has thrown in news of a big wave of Technic sets we can look forward to and when I mentioned big I mean BIG! As part of the wave LEGO will be releasing the largest Technic set to date – LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane (42082), which will come in at over 400 (I mean 4,000 thanks for pointing out the error Blake in New Zealand!) elements! Other sets below:

  • LEGO Technic Forest Harvester (42080)
  • LEGO Technic Volvo Autonomous Loader (42081)
  • LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron (42083)

While we have no official images LEGO did also release a teaser video of the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron (42083) – Enjoy!


Lastly rounding up the news from Nuremberg is news of a little bit of dedicated LEGO magic to support the currently running Unikitty series over on Cartoon Network. LEGO will be releasing 5 specific unikitty sets based on the show and Unikitty blind bags later in the year.

Well that’s a wrap for Nuremberg thanks again to Zusammengebout and PromoBricks for their insights and attendance to the show. Definitely something for everyone to get the excitement building for LEGO’s lineup in 2018.

Happy Building!



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