It’s that time of the year again with Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 in full swing. This annual event has become LEGO’s annual go to for showcasing a big chunk of its range to potential trade and toy shop owners alike. Sadly being in Australia (well maybe not too sadly) I’m unable to attend in person, but thanks to promobricks and zusammengebaut I can bring all the excitement and detail of the new up and coming sets.

One thing I’ve personally been excited about is sighting the new LEGO City Jungle subtheme. First glance it doesn’t disappoint, LEGO have thrown in jungle ruins, man eating plants, Jaguars (LEGO first – I believe), a cool designed waterfall (curtain with play function to allow canoe through), research vehicles and even an old overgrown historical plane crash scene. I have no doubt this will be a very popular city subtheme. However, I do know there is still a huge demand for a Hospital and Zoo subtheme that LEGO will need to feed soon! At least with the Jaguar we are slowly getting a range of animals to build our own zoo creation.

Another interesting release is the LEGO Friends Winter Sports subtheme. Great for all our children that have fallen in love with Friends, but also for AFOL’s to de-friend and increase 2017’s Christmas Village offering. Definitely something I will do if I can convince my daughter to kindly let Dad play with them or the alternative is break the bank and buy two of everything!

After the success of Fun in the Park 60134 LEGO have continued with this new minifigure dominated idea with Fun at the Beach 60153. The set looks delightful and gives you a great selection of minifigures, animals and props for creating a fun beach scene. One thing to note from experience it’s worth waiting a few months after release for the sales and offers to kick in. I paid full price for Fun in the Park at launch (downside of blogging), to only see it nearly half in price a few months later to what I believe is a fairer price.

For those Architecture fans (specifically the single models) we now have confirmation of the Arch de Triumph along with Guggenheim Museum (announced a few weeks back).

The Technic line up is also awesome and seems to be growing leaps and bounds with full integration of Power Functions getting smarter and better. LEGO are including a blast from the past model (modernised) to celebrate 40 years of LEGO Technic. The top model this year – Technic 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck 42070 boast complete Power Functions control and will be available from August this year. LEGO have even thrown in a quirky little teddy bear strapped to the front of the truck, because every burling beaded truck driver has an inner sensitive kid screaming to come out!

Lastly it’s worth noting that the slow spread of pizza joy through the themes and subthemes has now jumped into the DUPLO range. There must be some crazy pizza fans in LEGO at the moment – maybe Bali Padda is partial to a slice or two? I wonder if we will see a Pizza slice man minifigure coming after Corncob man?

Anyway enough talking now time to show the love and thanks again to promobricks and zusammengebaut.

Well that’s a wrap.

Happy Building!


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