Following on from my first exhibitor blog (Richie Moir) I thought it was time to throw another blog together covering the talented vignettes exhibitor – Jijin Koid.


Jijin built and displayed a variety of vignettes this year with a particular favorite of mine being the “Australian Voting”. Seriously for those not from Australia our Senate ballet papers are over a meter (3 foot) long and have parties ranging from the Sex Party to Christian Party and every flavor in-between. Jijin captured this beautifully along with his other vignettes listed below:

  • Games Room
  • Shredding Fresh Powder
  • Taking to the Waves
  • Under the Sea
  • Band of the Sith
  • Mulder’s Office
  • Cafe
  • Life on the Farm

Jijin also kindly agreed to be grilled (well not really) and answer some questions, which I hope helps inspire some of those budding MOC creators out there!

1. How long have you been a fan/user of LEGO?
I have been an adult fan of LEGO for approximately 8 years now. I had a large collection as a child, but sold most of it off as I entered my dark ages in my early teens. I began to return to the hobby when I started buying Technic sets a decade later. But when I joined Perth Adult LEGO Society (now known as WA Brick Society) in 2009, my LEGO hobby really took off.
2. What is your most memoriable LEGO set and why?
There are a few favourite sets, but the 8862 Backhoe Grader set is a memorable one. My Dad bought it for me and we built it together. By that I actually mean Dad did most of the building, and I just helped 🙂 I really liked all the mechanical and pneumatic functions of the set, especially the digger buckets at the front and back. It’s a set I still have to this day.
3. What inspired you to build and display your MOC’s at Bricktober?
I got to know organiser Stephen Kendall in 2015, and I saw the potential Bricktober offered as the first dedicated LEGO fan display in Perth. Being a member of the WA Brick Society has also given me experience in publicly displaying my creations.
4. How long did it take to plan and build your MOC display or displays?
For Bricktober 2016, I originally had a different idea, but it didn’t work out. I first started on ‘Band of the Sith’ late last year and ‘X-Files’ was built last March. I decided I would focus on building little scenes based around the LEGO minifigure, also called vignettes in the LEGO fan community. I brainstormed a list of ideas, and I built 5 vignettes in the 2 months before Bricktober.
5. How many pieces did it take to build?
I don’t keep track of how many pieces I use when I build. When building ideas pop into my head, I prefer to just start putting parts together and see what I come up with, and not keep track of how many pieces there are. 
6. Is there anything you would have done differently if you could start over or parts you love?
If I could have started over knowing what I know now, I would have allowed more time to build many more vignettes to fill up at least another table. Oh well, there’s always next year! 
7. What happens to the MOC/MOCs after Bricktober?
I am keeping some of my models together for now. But if they contain parts I want to use in my next MOC, I might have to take them apart!
8. Any Tips or advice for new comers or returnees to LEGO
Readers may have heard experienced this already, but be aware that LEGO can be a slippery slope of a hobby! Once you start, it usually ends up spending lots of your money, takes up so much space at home, and consumes most of your free time! Do a web search for ‘evolution of LEGO sorting’ – it’s a great read!
I encourage all fans of LEGO to try building a MOC, without instructions. Building sets is satisfying, but constructing your own creation or inventing a new building technique is more rewarding.
9. What would you love to see LEGO do in the future (sets/new themes/improvements etc…)?
I can’t think of anything worth mentioning. I prefer to be surprised by what new things LEGO comes up with.
10. Any other points?
I would like to encourage AFOLs to check out WA Brick Society, an official LEGO User Group. We are seeking new members to help us build new displays, explore new opportunities and improve the club. We have regular public displays during the year, and receive support from LEGO. People can check out our website:
Thanks to Jijin for his input and displaying his awesome vignettes MOCs this year at Bricktober-Perth. Looks like I need to check out WA Brick Society!
Happy Building!

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