So you’ll have to bear with me, but pushing my terrible blogging skills into the realms of “one on one” interviews. Rather than just stop at throwing a load of pictures into a round up on Bricktober-Perth, I thought It would also be good to hone in on particular displays and exhibitors.

After chasing down, pestering and annoying the exhibitors finally a bunch of them agreed to let me blog on their LEGO MOC displays. My first victim is Richie Moir co-founder of the Perth LEGO User Group (PLUG) on Facebook.


This year marks Richie’s second year displaying at Bricktober and supporting this great charitable event here in Perth, Western Australia.

Richie’s display was based on variant MOC’s of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Shuttle (10212). Using the Imperial Shuttle as the base Richie put the thinking cap on and added a big splash of his love of past LEGO Space themes to come up the three variant MOCs based on Classic Space (Think Benny – The Lego Movie), M Tron and Blacktron.

Each MOC variant was altered in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) with final designs based on part availability, colour, cost and overall feel by Richie if he had achieved the look of the target theme.

What we ended up with was 3 epic variant MOCs alongside an already popular and well loved LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle.

But it doesn’t end there. After drooling over Richie’s awesome display I also hit him up with a few questions below:

1. How long have you been a fan/user of LEGO?
On and off since I was….10? But only most recently for the past 4 years.
2. What is your most memorable LEGO set and why?
6886 Galactic Peace Keeper from the Space Police 1 theme. It was the first real non-Technic set I ever got. Prior to that my Mum always bought me Technic.
3. What inspired you to build and display your MOC’s at Bricktober?
Perth needed a dedicated Lego exhibition and once Stephen Kendall advertised for exhibitors in his second year I knew that I had to support him.
4. How long did it take to plan and build your MOC display or displays?
For this years display, planning took a few weeks of messing around with the Lego Digital Designer software, and then off and on buying and building for 7-8 months.
5. How many pieces did it take to build?
Around 8,000 parts for this years display.
6. Is there anything you would have done differently if you could start over or parts you love?
I would have followed my own design and purchasing lists better. I seem to have ended up with hundreds of parts I bought for no good reason. Oh well, perhaps I’ll use them next year!
7. What happens to the MOC/MOCs after Bricktober?
That’s a tough question. I’m not sure if I want to keep them displayed or tear them down for parts. Undecided at this stage!
8. Any Tips or advice for newcomers or returnees to LEGO
Take your time. Don’t rush. Don’t overspend. Plan and plan and plan. Set a budget.
9. What would you love to see LEGO do in the future (sets/new themes/improvements etc…)?
I’d like to see them concentrate on original ideas with less emphasis on IP grabbing.
Well it’s been fun and hopefully everyone found this blog interesting (feel free to be honest on the comments). Plan moving forward is to blog once a week on specific exhibitors from Bricktober-Perth – so stay tuned!
Thanks to Richie for his input and displaying his awesome MOCs.
Lastly to end on Richie has confirmed that he is selling his Classic Space and Blacktron MOC if anyone is interested. Drop me a line on here or via my Facebook page and I’ll put you in touch with Richie.
Happy Building!

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