Cue the drum roll – LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134) is finally here or should I say finally in my house and boy it doesn’t disappoint. LEGO have absolutely nailed this set and really captured the spirit of everyday life in plastic form and will go down as a timeless LEGO classic. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better LEGO also go and throw in the first ever baby minifigure (well sort of) and an awesome wheelchair.


Though strictly not a traditional construction set (based on a build and some minifigures), what this set does represent is a great way to populate your little LEGO worlds and help bring it to life. The set comes with 14 minifigures (+ 1 dog) and at $54.99 (Australian dollars) this works out at just under $4 a minifigure, which is not bad going when you also consider all the little mini builds associated with the set.


Unpacking the box reveals three instruction booklets and three corresponding numbered bags as per the norm with all modern LEGO sets.


To start we have a cool little hot dog van build with the essential mustard and tomato sauce taps. The minifigure looks fresh off a New York street and has a great printed face (remind anyone of their Nonno/grandad?) . Sorry hot dog man couldn’t help but duck in for an appearance.


Now we move on to the adorable oldies. Torsos are intricate and really help create the overal appearance of age. Throw in the oversized or thick rimed glasses and some wrinkles and you have an old couple enjoying retirement down at the local park. Admittedly my picture doesn’t really portray enjoying the park more “ouch my backs out again Margie”


Then we have a playground classic the merry go round and it turns as you would expect. Associated with the merry go round we have a little kid minifigure (1 of 4 in the set). Freckles on his face makes him look like he is based on the milky bar kid from the late 80’s.


Of course what park would be complete without some kids playing soccer (football if your a POM). The little girl minifigure has an absolutely terrible hair style, but naturally we love her more for it. The boy has a classic LEGO cap and a printed top that plays homage to the classic space theme (we love Benny – Spaceship!). My only (minor) complaint is the soccer ball should have been painted black and white like the ones that come with the German Soccer team minifigures and just seems lazy to have a ball that’s all white.


Now time to avoid that token cyclist who wants to run you down at the park on the shared footpaths! This dude comes sporting lime green and black Lycra and that compulsory safety helmet.


Every park has to be mantained and this minifigure is sporting a paint roller and paint pot giving the fence a nice lick of paint. I especially love the little specks of paint on the legs and really helps this minifigure stand out as a crowd pleaser.


Keeping with the theme of park maintenance we also have a lawnmower and grounds keeper minifigure sporting red and green work clobber.


For those not so lucky to have time to spend in the park we have the local bus stop and a suited up minifigure awaiting for the bus to take her to the city. One thing I’ve noticed is the mix up of genders and inclusion of more female minifigures. This is awesome as it shows that LEGO are listening to public opinion and addressing the lack of variety with female minifigures.


Keeping up with the inclusive theme we have our first ever wheelchair mold. I have to say LEGO have done a superb job on the design and I love the warm happy face on the minifigure. No matter what his handicap may be he is getting stuck in to everyday life down at the park.


Finally we have our traditional family at the picnic bench. We have our mother and father minifigure, daughter, family pet dog and of course the star of the set our first ever LEGO baby (nearly see next paragraph) . The baby is absolutely adorable and LEGO have captured the cuteness perfectly and the baby bottle accessory is the icing on the cake. I think this little Bub will go down in LEGO history as a “do you remember when LEGO released the first ever baby minifigure?” and will be top of most AFOL collectors and children alike.


Now just for clarity the baby is not strictly the first LEGO baby. This milestone actually goes to the Native Indian minifigure in Series 15. Though the baby is not a true minifigure, but accessory, so we can be forgiven in disregarding this example.


To close I loved/adored every part of this set and I think this will become a benchmark for other themed minifigure sets moving forward. Final recommendation would be to buy a 32×32 green base plate to arrange the park.

I Would love to know your thoughts on the set also, so feel free to drop a comment or two.

Final Rating: 10 out of 10

Happy Building!


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    1. Hi Leigh,

      Sadly I’ve not seen this yet hit the stores in Oz. I ordered my set from the Lego online shop. If your order is over $200 you get free postage.

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