Taking a break from the big builds (Disney Castle, Pet Shop, MOC Christmas Village), I wandered down to the shops during lunch and saw Big W (Australia) had this little set on sale for $20 reduced from $28. At that price it was hard for me to ignore so grabbed one with the mindset of adding it to my christmas village.


The set has been around since early 2015 and includes 195 pieces, 1 x minifigure and RRP AUD $29.99 (head down to Big W – they have it on sale for $20) / USD $19.99 / GBP £17.99. It’s worth noting if we exclude the artic sets the last time we had a utility vehicle based on snowplowing was back in 1988 (6524 Blizzard Blazer). So if you don’t want to run the risk of waiting over another 20 years it may be a great time to grab one!


The box is compact and as per modern City theme sets depicts the set in action in a cool little story board on the back of the box. Just in case you’re older than 14, an AFOL and don’t have any imagination left like me!


The one and only minifigure “Dave” for the purposes of this review is a pretty standard minifigure with all his constituent parts found elsewhere across the theme. The reverse of Dave’s torso is plain and non printed, which is becoming more and more unusual as LEGO makes reverse printing more common across all themes. Finally to the horror of the late Margaret Thatcher (Pogonophobic) Dave is finished off with a trimmed goatee.


The main build comes in two parts with corresponding numbered bags. The first stage involves building the main vehicle. The vehicle is surprisingly compact (Like a Pug), but with oversized wheels and a bulky look that I think works really well. I especially like the two vertical exhausts and the stickers add the final touch.


Looking from the rear you can see the cog mechanism that is linked to the wheels. This gives the gritting turntable the movement as you push the vehicle along. Lastly don’t forget the good old fashion tools (broom and spade) added for good measure in case Dave has to do some manual work!


The second stage involves building the massive snowplow and gritting hooper on the back. The snowplow upon first review looked too large, but has since grown on me and nicely swivels around to direct the snow away in the desirable direction.


One comment I note is the newish design for the mirrors that we have been seeing in these utility vehicles for the last few years. I think that LEGO should have included mirror stickers to stick on to really capture the final effect.


Just incase you are lite on with white LEGO pieces we also get some thrown in to represent snow.


Final thoughts – I really like this set and the colour scheme, stickers and play functionality are really good and well thought out. Maybe it’s time to give Dave a new home?

As always keen to hear your thoughts, so feel free to post here or on the facebook page.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

Happy Building!


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