REVIEW – LEGO Creator Fountain 40221

REVIEW – LEGO Creator Fountain 40221

As promised in my previous LEGO online shop promotional newsflash, I finally got my hands on the LEGO Creator Water Fountain (40221) and decided to knock up a review. The logic behind the set was to create a park scene in conjunction with my purchase of LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134). By all accounts the offer must have been popular, as the promotion ended just under half way into the qualifying period (to the dismay of one of my work colleagues – haha always eBay).


The contents of the box is split into two packets, standard instruction booklet and contains 105 pieces in total.


The minifigure on offer is a pretty standard affair covering a mix of parts seen quite readily in other sets. My only gripe is with the variety of printed faces on offer it’s a shame LEGO didn’t throw in a more interesting face for the minifigure.


Along with the minifigure we also get a bike in rather rare and new colour (only seen recently in 1 other set I believe). I’m pitching a sun kissed golden yellow, but I have a feeling this is like the blue/black dress thing all over again – thoughts?


Before we move onto the main feature the water fountain, I have to say I absolutely love the Legends of Chima Chi crystals that represent water spouting from the fountain. I don’t actually collect the Chima theme, so this set is a nice free way to get these pieces into my collection and they really do a good job at mimicking sprouting water.


Now the star of the show (water fountain) is cleverly designed and packs a lot of detail. The main element is the grey minifigure statue and of course LEGO being a Danish company (as if you didn’t know already) you get your very own winged viking god. Moving beyond the minifigure you have a Roman column and four little gold frogs surrounding the circular fountain to help create the scene.


For those less inclined to violence and wishing for a more gentile statue, LEGO has kindly thrown in an alternative winged female with a flag. For the overall appearance my only one comment would have been to make the whole statue minifigure gold just to reflect a more real world appearance (I’ve not seen many (if any) statues that are stone with bronze wings). Minor and I have to remind myself this is a free promotional set!


To complete the set we also have two park benches with bin/flower pot accessories and of course a token dog fixated on one of the two printed cookies.


Sorry LEGO Bub needed feeding and photo bombed!

Overall the set is one of the better promotional sets that LEGO has offered in a while and should prove popular with the AFOL community as a well need addition to any park scene.

I would love to know your thoughts on the set also, so feel free to drop a comment or two.

Final Rating: 9 out of 10

Happy Building!


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  1. LEGO Creator normally uses those standard faces. I’m not sure how else you can get new ones, so I’m glad they use them in sets like this. I can get an interesting face pretty easy at my LEGO store.

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