Apologies this review was a long time coming, but work and life got in the way this week! Anyway back to this little adorable fellow, I’ve been meaning to grab Wall-E every since I heard he was being released.


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LEGO Disney Wall-E 21303 started life as a LEGO Ideas project by Angus MacLane (refer here for how LEGO Ideas works). After making it through the review board LEGO announced back in February 2015 that it was going to put Wall-E into production. As you can see above the original design was already great, but the LEGO designers really mastered the eyes giving the sense Wall-E is almost alive!

The set includes 676 pieces and retails at AUD $69.99 / USD $59.99 / GBP £39.99. So far only seen the set at the LEGO shops and via the LEGO Online Shop.


I have to say for all the LEGO set boxes I’ve opened recently this set is certainly the best by a mile off. I know you want to know about the set, the LEGO pieces and build, but it really does warrant spending a moment admiring the box. Colour scheme is spot on, graphics are perfect and the actually quality of the box is far superior to standard LEGO set boxes (even the recently released Disney Castle).


On the reverse you have the standard LEGO Ideas ribbon we have seen on other Ideas sets and another cool depiction of Wall-E.


The box folds up and reveals an assortment of non-numbered bags. This seemed odd – I had to go old school and open all bags and filter through all 676 pieces at once.


The first page of the instruction booklet runs through Wall-E and the designer who made it all happen. Note Angus was also the Pixar animator who worked on the Wall-E film.

The build itself was fairly straightforward, but the shape of Wall-E’s body (upturned curved at the back) meant that you had to hold the body while building, as opposed to building on table. Unless I’m superman and don’t know my own strength the body kept pushing away from me on the table as I built up.

The arm design I thought was very clever, as they can move horizontally and can be twisted and turned with the claw hands. The neck and head on the other hand have some issues (more later on).

Lastly the iconic tracks were easy to build and set the final set off perfectly.


As mentioned previously I think there are some underlying issues with the neck. Now there was a lot of bad press late last year when Wall-E was first released. He was released with a previous designed neck hinge joint which proved to be rather floppy. This was quickly rectified by LEGO by replacing this with the same ball joint as the arms. Though less streamline this has firmed up the neck and head somewhat.

However, if this set is intended for play I would think again. The neck is still a weak spot, as I believe you can’t get over the fact that the head is top heavy. I believe this is definitely a display piece only.


Wall-E also has a storage compartment or as intended in the movie a garbage compressor to form garbage cubes. Also note the tiny two piece black bricks just above the compartment, though basic I think this is suppose to represent Wall-E’s cockroach buddy.


We also get the little plant as found by EVE (I wonder if we’ll ever get EVE in LEGO form?). One thing that always stands out and makes you forget the neck issue is the expressionate eyes that LEGO has magically captured in this set. Oh and I nearly forgot we get some nice film specific printed tiles as well.



The rear and side views you can see the upturned curved back that caused me aggravation (aggro in Australia) and Wall-E’s awesome tracks (which actually move though a little stiff).


Ooooh, The Face of the Claw is finally revealed!

If you can move away from the playability factor (weak neck), then I think this set is actually a great representation of Wall-E in LEGO form and just the right size to make a perfect display piece. I have to admit I have falling in love with this little fellow and he now sits proudly on my office desk!

As always keen to hear your thoughts, so feel free to post here or on the facebook page.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

Happy Building!



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