LEGO Elves is now entering its third year and has released a new wave of sets for 2017. Each year LEGO Elves has had a major storyline that has formed the basis of each set’s design.

  • 2015 brought us the world of Elves through Emily Jones eyes, as she came to terms with her grandmother’s death and discovery of the Elvendale. Eventually combining elemental powers and friends to find her way back home and learn about her grandmother’s past.
  • 2016 brought us the dragon storyline with Ragana as the evil Elf queen trying to capture and harness their power. We also got the cute baby dragon molds and eggs which were a massive hit with my kids.
  • 2017 has now added a new contagonist and a legion of loyal subjects – The Goblin king (evil Elf mark 2) leads a band of wicked devious little goblins who capture a little Sophie Jones (Emily Jones younger sister). Que new goblin molds and lots of new miniaturized sets and Goblin King Dragon. Gotta love a dragon!

Now you are likely wondering how does a 35 year old man know so much about LEGO Elves. Well a few reasons – two young daughters obsessed with LEGO Elves, LEGO nut dad (come on it’s still LEGO, minifigure doll or not) and lastly secret love of the theme, design and colours.

The graphics on the box are the same colourful affair that we have become use to with Elves. This time round we have the inclusion of Sophie Jones, Goblin King and Goblins, which all adorn the graphic design on the front and reverse storyboard.

The set includes 226 pieces, 1 x Sophia Jones minifigure doll, Barblin the Goblin, Mr. Spry the squirrel figures and retails at AUD $29.99 / USD $19.99 / GBP £17.99. Note – prices are based on the LEGO online shop and it’s worth noting there are some Easter Sales floating around at the moment.

The contents include 2 x bags, sticker sheet and a instruction booklet. We also see the return of a half empty box which always puzzles me?!

First off the rank is the brand new mould LEGO has launched with 2017 LEGO Elves – Goblin. The head and torso are one complete piece with two colours used in the injection mold process. This particular Goblin (Barblin) is made of pale green and orange and additional detail is printed on for his face and torso. The expression on the face is angry but balanced not to be too scary. Considering his size LEGO has designed his arms to swivel which is a nice touch. Impressions are good and I can see kids wanting to get the whole goblin gang!

Now up next is the the sneaky little Sophie Jones who chased behind her sister Emily Jones and jumped through the portal to Elvendale. Standard minifigure doll utilising a brand new hairpieces with hair ponytailed upright. Hard to say much more as I’m not the biggest fan of the oversized polly pocket dolls.

Disclaimer – Emily Jones doesn’t come in this set but I’ve added to show a comparison to Sophie Jones. One small disappointment I think the minifigure doll should have been undersized to help show she is the younger sister. As you’d expect family resemblance is near identical.

Both Barblin and Emily come with some accessories as well. Barblin has a spell sheet (trans green printed tile) and a jar of beetlejuice. Sophie comes with a must for every i-gen – mobile phone and a bag/money for her grocery shop.

Moving on from the figures, bag 1 also contains the contents for the portal that Sophie Jones jump through. Build is fairly simple, but the printed trans disk perfectly captures the portal.

Rounding up bag 1 is Barblins catapult net used to capture poor unsuspecting Sophie Jones. The build blends LEGO and Technic pieces to make a basic but effective little device. Loving the colour scheme as well – black/red/pale green.

Bag two moves us onto Mr Spry the squirrel (runs the grocery store) figure. Spry is a one piece mould with detail printed on. Of course every good grocery store needs a billboard and Spry’s board highlights his wares on sale (sticker on tile).

Now moving on to the main build and I really love the small detail that LEGO incorporates into the Elves theme. Whether it’s the flowers, produce, jars, gems nothing seems to be spared in the detail. The overall build is miniaturized to Mr Spry’s dimensions and is very apparent when compared to last years buildings. However, that seems to be the take on this years sets that revolve around the diminutive goblins.

The detail continues when reversed with a pantry filled with goodies and Mr Spry’s sleeping quarters. For a set this size their is a lot of imaginative playability built in.

The set also includes some new elements that may get some MOC’ers quite excited. First off the rank we have two elements that have made their first appearance in this set in a new colour. Plate 1×2 W horizontal hole Ø4,85 Rev (6192310 / 28809) reddish brown and Lamp holder (6178034 / 4081) dark azure. Next up is two elements that while have appeared before are still quite rare. 1/4 arch brick 5X5 W/cut out (6152112 / 24599) dark azure and round plate Ø32X6,4 -Tr “No.19″b (6110077 / 20939).

As a set that tells a story it’s great and I would happily recommend buying it for kids. It also has some interesting figures and elements. On a slightly negative note its diminutive size kinda of leaves you a feeling a little underwhelmed (maybe being over critical). However, at the price point it packs a punch and you can’t argue against that.

Final Rating: 7 out of 10

Happy Building!

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