Umm sitting at home, kids in bed, beer in hand, aircon blasting out (yesterday was 37C / 100F degrees in Perth!), watching the Vikings and decided what the hell maybe I’ll do a quick build. Looking at the stockpile of LEGO and wanting to still half watch the Vikings I fixed upon the recent LEGO Exclusive VIP set 40178. The set was obtained from the previous October promotion (LEGO@Shop and various LEGO certified stores). Unusually for a promotional set of this size it comes in a bag instead of a box like others previously.

The main bag contains the instruction booklet, sticker sheet and 4 smaller bags containing 205 LEGO elements and 2 x minifigures.

The sticker sheet is used predominantly used to capture the likeness of various LEGO sets. From what I can gather I have listed the sets below for reference:

  • LEGO Ghostbuster Firehouse Headquarters (75827)
  • LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck (10814)
  • LEGO City Tire Escape (60126)
  • LEGO Creator Super Soarer (31042)
  • LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129)
  • LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout (10687)
  • LEGO Ninjago Titanium Ninja Tumbler (70588)

While the set technically comes with two minifigures the main star of the show is the LEGO Employee (unless you’re a big fan of the monochromatic minifigures). This outing is a much improved version of the previous giveaway (5001622) with nicer detailing on the new torso, LEGO logo printed on the reverse and a more natural LEGO printed face (not the previous goofy face)! Lastly what I’ll hopefully have in hand next week after a visit to the Melbourne Chadstone LEGO certified store – The iconic yellow LEGO bag.

The main build comes in two parts, a mini-vignette of a LEGO certified store and the VIP logo headed up by a monochrome red minifigure. As with all LEGO certified stores it takes a mix of three key ingredients to capture the magic. First up is the colourful walls filled with LEGO sets sitting in primary colour blocks. This is where the stickers come into play and unlike previous complaints by me I can’t grumble too much as this is a promotional set after all (printing limited run tiles is expensive)!

Second key ingredient is the much loved “Pick & Brick” (PAB) wall. Full of colourful joy and LEGO element goodness! The PAB pods are represented with 1×1 round coloured studs and capped off with 1×1 transparent round tiles. This is a slightly different method from the 2 previous LEGO certified store sets (used coloured round tiles) and the effect is much better.

The final iconic ingredient is Ollie the dragon a main stay of all the main LEGO certified stores. He has been cleverly incorporated into the side wall with a pivoting head and partial body and tail.

The complete store is a great representation and packs a lot of detail into a footprint of 8×10 area. They even squeezed in a till, LEGO mugs and a 2×4 red brick just in case you were still wondering what they sell!!!!

The second and final part of the promotional set is the LEGO VIP logo wall. This makes great use of the recently introduced 1×1 quarter-circle elements. Also as mentioned before we get our second minifigure – the plain and simple red monochromatic.

The VIP logo wall is connected to the store using two Technic pins on the side and completes the mini-vignette.

On closing I would say that the LEGO VIP set (40178) is definitely one of the better promotional sets I’ve been fortunate enough to build. I have to say I love the LEGO certified store and while I don’t think the VIP wall is needed it does add an extra dimension to the set.

As always would love to know what everyone thinks of this set any other fans?

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

2 thoughts on “REVIEW – LEGO EXCLUSIVE VIP SET 40178

    1. Hi Megan – Sadly it was a previous promotion that has now finished. However, you should be able to pick one up on Bricklink or ebay pretty easily

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