So while I wait for my large LEGO online shop order (Guess what’s on order?), I’ve been dabbling in some of the new themes that don’t normally appeal to me. In the last few weeks I’ve reviewed 60120 (Volcano Explorers) and 76044 (DC Comics) and now I thought I would give Marvel a go with this set LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-up 76058.


The set is part of the second wave of LEGO releases that we are now seeing down here in sunny Oz. The set includes 217 pieces, 3 x minifigures and retails at AUD $39.99 / USD $19.99 / GBP £19.99.


When I opened the box I’d expected the standard affair, numbered bags and instruction booklet and to my surprise I found a cool little comic book that sketches out the storyline. The comic includes all the Spider-Man sets that were released as part of the second wave in the storyboard. This is an awesome touch and really adds that little edge on the DC Comics theme.


Undoubtedly the star of the show is the Ghost Rider minifigure – he is a masterpiece! Admittedly LEGO had a low base to start from based on the atrocious Nicolas Cage movie. The detail is captured magically with the trademark flaming hair and tiny torso detail reflecting the “burning in hell” core of Ghost Rider underneath the leather biker jacket and chains. One very very small note – I was surprised the hair piece was fused to the head. I did let out a little sigh of disappointment, as I was hoping to use the hair piece on other minifigures. However, seriously this is so minor I can forgive this point.


Ghost Rider follows the same level of detail on the reverse and we also have his signature fiery chain as an accessory. The chain is used to lasso and whip his enemies and is a great inclusion that finishes off this superb minifigure.


Oh dear the low light of this set is another Spider-Man minifigure that I believe has remained the same for nearly 4 years now. The actually minifigure is good with great detail, but it just feels stale and in need of revamping, so we don’t just chuck him in the “oh it’s another Spider-Man” draw.


In an attempt to maybe give us fans something different we do get a new accessory in the form of blast of webbing that appears to have been fired out by Spider-Man. This is actually pretty effective and kinda hides the lazy reissue of the minifigure.


Now if Ghost Rider hadn’t been in this set I would have been raving about the Hobgoblin. I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this figure so much. Is it the colour scheme, the thundercats expression or the cheeky spirit of this minifigure – not sure! What I can say is the detail is simple but great with the cap and hood. He also comes with a second expression, but I’ll leave that as a surprise for potential buyers.


Cape is rag like with holes and detailed printing is followed through on the reverse of the torso. Note he also has two tone legs which I also love on minifigures.


Now onto the builds – we start off with the Hobgoblin’s glider. This is a simple build with an interesting purple contrast that seems to frame Hobgoblin and his tangerine orange off perfectly. Otherwise not much else to the simple build other than some flick fire missiles.


The next build is the street corner. This is actually a nice prop for Spider-Man to hang off and has lots of little references to the Spider-Man universe. The build has a street lamp and traffic lights, garbage can and post boxes.


The last build is the famous Ghost Rider chopper bike. LEGO have done well to capture the silhouette of the bike and the flame details are great for closing off the overall effect. Thanks to the new Nexus Knights theme we also have one of the new mould bricks just in front of Ghost Rider which looks great.


In closing I absolutely love this set and this has captured my attention in all things Super Heroes. Ghost Rider minifigure is spot on, Hobgoblin is bright, vibrant and a must have and well Spider-Man is Spider-Man.

This is also the first set where I haven’t just scalped the minifigures and thrown the builds into my MOC building material box.

Now time to get my son into the theme, so I have an excuse to buy LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057. Maybe buy two and build a nice LEGO city bridge?

Final Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Happy Building!


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