Second LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS review in 2017 could/should/am I be becoming a closet fan?! Well not entirely but when you’re on holidays, it’s raining and you’re looking after kids – LEGO shopping tends to scream out especially with kids that are becoming as obsessed as dad with LEGO. One stipulation was a sub $15 (AUD) set, which thankfully LEGO has catered for extremely well with the recent first wave 2017 sets.

For this review I’m getting stuck into my son’s choice of gift – LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Battle Suit Clay 70362. The set forms part of a new release based on the 5 main NEXO Knights (Clay, Macy, Axl, Lance and Aaron) in all new Battle Mech Suits, armed with oversized weapons and 5 NEXO Powers. The packaging is a slight variant on the previous flat envelope style packaging used previously for NEXO KNIGHTS.

The set includes 72 pieces, 1 x minifigure, 5 x NEXO Powers and retails at AUD $15.99 (grabbed it for $12 at Big W) / USD $9.99 / GBP £7.99 (prices are based on the LEGO online shop). Inside the box the contents are arranged in 2 x  bags, standard instruction booklet and not one but two giant transparent orange sword pieces (thanks for the spare LEGO)!

First out of the box – Clay Moorington leader of the NEXO KNIGHTS minifigure. Printing and detail on the legs and torso is good, but not the best seen for this particular minifigure. However, this can be forgiven as Clay is effectively wearing the Battle Mech Suit and the current printing would represent his basic attire.

Next up the new shield that holds three Nexo powers – This is a great expansion of the NEXO Power concept enabling the ability to create a combo force when the shield is scanned into the App. The shield is a brand new mould and is available across all of the 5 new NEXO Battle Suit sets and the new NEXO Power blind bags.

Now onto the main build Battle Suit – The build is simple and those familiar with the now retired Bionicles and Star Wars figurines will find the Battle Suit easy and quick to assemble. Based on the limited number of pieces the overall effect is great and represents great value for money. It is worth noting with such a large sword and shield it does take awhile to master the balancing of the Battle Suit with its adjustable legs and arms.

Crocodile Dundee – “You call that a knife? This is a knife! ” 

The Battle Suit is complete by lifting the chest plate and letting Clay jump in ready to kick some butt! On closing this set is a great, simple and cost effective way to introduce kids to the world of Battle Mech Suits and of course NEXO KNIGHTS. Not only does it represent good value for money, but also introduces new and interesting pieces not seen before in colour and/or shape.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

Happy Building!

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